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If you go to Italy.. don't miss attending a sagra!

Italian sagras are simply the best! To put it short it's an occasion for the entire town to come together for a period of time (usually from five days and could go up to two weeks) and celebrate a food product. So there's a sagra of potatoes, another of onions, another of berries, another of fruit salad…. I was even told there was a sagra of nutella!! YUMM..

I was lucky enough to attend the sagra of snails in Bevagna (a small village near Assisi) last summer… besides the good food.. the atmosphere was extremely jovial!

This is what happens in a sagra: every evening everyone comes together for dinner. All things on the menu contain the "product of honor"!... [more ]

Orvieto, Umbria

Orvieto in Umbria is an enchanting town, set atop a rocky outcrop that gives... [more ]

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