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Cairo Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Cairo

Felfela 4.0 stars
Fast Food - #1 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
This is a chain restaurant in Egypt (or maybe just in Cairo), but it was fine for a quick meal and the prices were good (as they are most places in the area). It's just fast-food sort of fare, nothing outstanding or inspiring, but it's certainly ... [more ]
Cook Door 5.0 stars
Fast Food - #2 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
Cairo seems to have a tradition of excellent fast food, and Cook Door is no exception. The sandwiches are excellent, especially the strangely-named "Viagra Sandwich," which is crab meat, shrimp, and cheese on a baguette. It was heavenly. Mind ... [more ]
Trianon 4.0 stars
Arab - #3 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
Trianon is a chain of restaurants and cafes in Cairo. The one I visited is a restaurant with both French and Westernized Egyptian food set on the banks of the Nile just across from the southern tip of Gezira. The restaurant itself has a ... [more ]
Egyptian Pancake House 4.0 stars
Local - #4 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
This is not pancakes like American or European pancakes - these are pancakes baked in a wood-fired oven and filled with wonderful toppings. It's like Egyptian fast-food, and it was a wonderful choice for lunch. We didn't know what to choose, so ... [more ]
Hard Rock Cafe 4.0 stars
North American - #5 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
I should probably be embarrassed to admit that we went to a Hard Rock in Africa, but honestly it was one of the best meals we had in Cairo. Also, the restaurant and hotel overlook the Nile, so it's a lovely setting for a great meal. The menu is ... [more ]
Peking 4.0 stars
Chinese - #6 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
This was a fantastic Chinese restaurant with reasonable prices. The decor was fantastically beautiful. really understated compared to most of the Chinese restaurants in Europe. The menu is the standard Chinese fare, packed with a million ... [more ]
Andrea 4.0 stars
Local - #7 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
This is a good place to start if you want some reasonably priced local cuisine that is well-prepared and arrives in decent portions. It's nothing so spectacular in terms of menu choices, but the food is good and I can't imagine anyone not liking ... [more ]
Café Madrid 3.0 stars
Spanish - #8 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
Boy, were we out of place here. Apparently Cairo has quite a large Spanish population, and clearly this restauant caters to them. That said, we were made to feel very welcome as guests and we enjoyed our lunch at this restaurant. The decor was ... [more ]
Bua Khao 3.0 stars
Thai - #9 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
Believe it or not, this is real, authentic Thai food in Cairo, and it won't break the bank, either. Apparently it's very popular, because the place was absolutely heaving with people when we went, and we had to wait a little while for a table ... [more ]
Cortigiano 3.0 stars
Italian - #10 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
This is not the place to go if you're just looking for a snack - the portions are huge and the food is really delicious. Allegedly it's Italian food, but we found the cuisine to be more along the lines of general European contemporary. The menu ... [more ]
Sushiyama 3.0 stars
Sushi - #11 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
This restaurant was sort of like an overdone version of the Egyptian stereotype of Japanese food. It wasn't bad, though - the food was surprisingly nice, even at lunch when we were suprised to find a great choice of meals that were scaled down ... [more ]
El Cinzano 3.0 stars
Italian - #12 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
I understand that this is supposed to be a full-on Italian restaurant, and allegedly one of the best in Cairo, but on the night we went it seemed to be more of a bar combined with a music venue. It was a good night out, if not a bit noisy. It ... [more ]
Atatürk 2.0 stars
Turkish - #13 of 13 Restaurants in Cairo
With a name like Atatürk I expected this to be Turkish cuisine like we're used to here in Turkey, but this was not like anything I've ever had in Turkey. It was still good food, but just not Turkish, and I wish we had been better prepared for ... [more ]
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