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Cairo Bars

4.0 stars

Cairo bar reviews from insiders

Fishawi's Coffehouse 4.0 stars
#1 of 4 Bars & Cafés in Cairo
Generally I would say that restaurants and cafes in the Khan al Khalili are to be avoided. They tend to be crowded with busloads of tourists, and the prices are far too expensive for the quality. Fishawi's Coffeehouse is an exception. While the ... [more ]
The Fat Black Pussycat 4.0 stars
Local - #2 of 4 Bars & Cafés in Cairo
I knew I was going to love this place as soon as I heard the name, and it did not disappoint. It's like a fancy tapas bar, but without the Spanish theme. There are appetizers and mini-dishes from various countries, and of course the cocktails ... [more ]
Naguib Mahfouz 1.0 stars
Local - #3 of 4 Bars & Cafés in Cairo
This was another one of those touristy places that was all hyped up and then failed to deliver. I couldn't believe how cheesy and geared toward foreigners it was - so much so that it was easy to forget that local Egyptians live in Cairo at all. ... [more ]
El FeShawy Coffee 2.0 stars
Local - #4 of 4 Bars & Cafés in Cairo
This place was so tiring for me, but it has to be said that I'm an introvert and don't like being pestered every 30 seconds while I'm trying to relax. This is a very historical coffee and shisha house, but it's also a huge tourist trap, and the ... [more ]
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