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Brazil Restaurants

3.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Brazil

Cipriani 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
OK, I admit it, I can't afford this place. The prices are sky high. However, I did get a free feed here as part of a press visit. This is the formal hotel at the iconic (and very beautiful) Copacabana Palace, and the service was, as you would ... [more ]
Porcao Rio's 4.0 stars
South American, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
I have been a few times at Porcao’s Rio, a typical Brazilian barbecue restaurant, and all of them were absolutely incredible. The variety of food is fantastic. You will find delicious meats (picanha is the best for me), chicken, sausages and ... [more ]
Careme Bistro 4.0 stars
Portuguese, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
The female chef here, Flavia Quaresma, is something of a national celebrity in Rio - popping up all over the TV cooking up all manner of treats. She still finds the time to work in the kitchen here though, and although it's expensive the food ... [more ]
Confeitaria Colombo 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
This is a great place to treat yourself to a decadent snack in equally decadent surroundings. The enormous belle-epoque building is a coffee shop and patisserie - cakes and waffles here are a real treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. There's a ... [more ]
Lamas 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Its late opening hours - until 3am on 'school nights' and 4am Fridays and Saturdays - make Lamas a great spot for an end-of-the-evening drink and a bite to eat for anybody staying in Flamengo. The bar's been in operation for more than 130 years, ... [more ]
Marius 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
A trip in Rio de Janeiro must include a stop in the best restaurant of the city: Marius. Situated in front of Leme Beach, adjoining to Copacabana, you can choose between the fish or the meat version of restaurants, one beside the other. In a ... [more ]
Pepe sandwich and juice bar 5.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
When the sun is shining, you´re crying out for a cold juice, and you´re stomach can´t face hot food, there´s only one place in Rio to head for. Pepe sandwich and juice bar, which stands on fashionable Pepe beach, Barra da Tijuca, offers juices to ... [more ]
Rio Brasa 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
If you are looking for a great restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, for sure, you must go to Rio Brasa. It is a barbecue restaurant, very common option in the city, where you pay a unique price and can eat whatever you want. Despite of the great range ... [more ]
Vegetarian Social Clube 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Vegetarians in Brazil can get a rough deal at times, but at Vegetarian Social Clube, in Leblon, meat-shunners can chow down on that Carioca institution, feijoada, without having to worry about coming across bits of feet and ears. The tasty ... [more ]
Outback Steakhouse 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro has great selection of restaurants and bars and Outback is one of them. There are six in the city. The decoration is based in Australian environment, with wood tables and chairs, paintings and photos of the country in the walls and ... [more ]
Gugut 5.0 stars
Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Gugut is a charming restaurant, which looks like a farm, located in an area of Vargem Grande, a little bit far from the city centre. The cosy house has cottage and balcony where you can enjoy the food in a fantastic green atmosphere. Otherwise, ... [more ]
Rio de Janeiro Restuarant 5.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
This is my favourite restaurant in the whole of Rio, and happily it's just a couple of minutes' walk from my apartment in Santa Teresa. It's a relaxed little place whose walls are covered in original artwork by Selaron - the offbeat Chilean ... [more ]
Restaurante Santa Arte 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Santa Teresa is famous for its high concentration of art galleries, artists' studios and its annual 'open doors' art festival, so it's hard to think of a better location for Restaurante Santa Arte, which sits at the heart of the neighbourhood's ... [more ]
Zaza Bistro Tropical 4.0 stars
South American, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
If you don't mind being surrounded by fellow foreigners as you eat, Zaza Bistro Tropical is a wonderful place to enjoy food that's bursting with flavour, while relaxing in ornate surroundings. The prices reflect the Ipanema location (ie it's not ... [more ]
Zona Sul Pizzeria 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
The best pizza for me in Rio is in the finest Zona Sul Supermarket. A few years ago, the chain had the great idea to open pizzerias in some of its units, and the plan worked very well. The houses prepare delicious pizzas, which are hand stretched ... [more ]
Carretao 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
I'm a vegetarian, but I love this all-you-can eat barbeque place. Sounds odd? Maybe, but aside from the grilled meat there's a massive selection of salads, sushi, risottos, well as the garlic bread, cheese etc that the waiters bring ... [more ]
Amir 4.0 stars
Arab, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
There are many, many Arabic restaurants in Rio, but Amir has to be among the best. There's far more on offer here than just falafal and kebabs, and if you're really in the mood for gluttony then don't miss the banquets - a great way to sample ... [more ]
Cobal 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Cobal is a nice place to enjoy the evenings in Rio de Janeiro, especially in the summer. It is an outdoor spot where are concentrated restaurants and bars and a meeting point of the “cariocas” (people from Rio), that normally crowd the place. ... [more ]
Alba Mar 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
If you head down to the docks in Centro, near Praca 15 de Novembre, you can't miss this place. The restaurant is housed in huge, circular wooden building that has been painted bright green. The seafood is good here and is the specility of the ... [more ]
Polonesa 4.0 stars
Polish, Restaurant in Rio de Janeiro
Dining options in Rio are nothing if not varied. While the tourist traps tend to offer little other than mediocre seafood and greasy pizza, look a little further and you'll find interesting cuisine from the unlikeliest places. A good example of ... [more ]
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