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Cambridge Vacations, Tourism and Travel

4.0 stars

Travel Tips

Cambridge - stay in a College

If you are visiting Cambridge why not try some of the University experience and stay in a College? You can contact all Colleges for availability via Conference Cambridge (this is particularly helpful if you are travelling as a group):

Please note availability will be greatest out of term time i.e. over the summer. Term dates can be found on the University’s website

Some rooms will be en-suite, some not, so best to check with the conference office of the College you want to stay in. You might not be staying in their main site as well so it is worth checking where their accommodation is located for tourists (some have... [more ]

Cambridge - where to eat

Cambridge has numerous pubs and restaurants and will have many of the main... [more ]

Cambridge - what Colleges to see

There are over 30 Colleges in Cambridge, so if you have limited time to spend... [more ]

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Cambridge - Top Locations

Top Rated Attractions

1. King's College 4.0 stars
2. Museum of Archeology and Anthropology 4.0 stars
3. Fitzwilliam Museum 4.0 stars
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