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Cape Town Attractions

4.0 stars
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Victoria & Alfred Waterfront 4.0 stars
Harbour - #1 of 19
The Victoria & Albert Waterfront is a lively shopping and restaurants complex. I really loved the Clock Tower and the views of the sea and Table Mountain. There are lots of activities available so you could easily spend a whole day there. The ... [more ]
Table Mountain 5.0 stars
Mountain - #2 of 19
Table Mountain is incredibly beautiful. I spend there a whole day, walking and enjoying the views. They had a lovely restaurant café with an outdoors terrace whith amazing views to the Mountain Range. We sat down there for ages as it was ... [more ]
Camps Bay 5.0 stars
Beach - #3 of 19
This beach was really stunning, I loved everything about it, the golden soft sand, the views to the Twelve Apostles, the gorgeous blue water. The only 2 things that were a bit unpleasant: The constant wind and being constantly interrupted from my ... [more ]
Table Mountain Aerial Cable Way 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #4 of 19
We drove to the Table Mountain Cable Car but the first day it was closed due to strong winds. The guy at the ticket office told us to ring every day to check, finally on the fourth day the winds stopped and the cable car was open. I really liked ... [more ]
Robben Island 3.0 stars
Castle, Fortification, Palace - #5 of 19
Robben Island offers an incredible view of Cape Town – showing the “Tavern of the Seas” as if being a painting across the Atlantic, with the Table Mountain in first plane. Certainly Nelson Mandela and the other political apartheid prisoners ... [more ]
Two Oceans Aquarium 5.0 stars
Zoo, Aquarium - #6 of 19
I've been to the aquarium a few times now, and must say that I'm still not bored, because there's simply so much to see. In fact, many of the creatures on display I saw for the first time in this aquarium. They have some huge underwater crabs ... [more ]
Shark Diving 5.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #7 of 19
Adrenalin rush candidate? Go shark diving in South Africa off Cape Town! With this bunch you get up close and personal with the great white as you are lowered in a cage into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Trained experts in their field ... [more ]
Lion´s Head 4.0 stars
Natural Monument and Landmark - #8 of 19
Lion´s Head in one of the peaks that stand out in the horizon from any point of Cape Town. This area is a magnificent place for a light -one-hour hike up the top of the peak where you will enjoy 360º views of the Cape. As there are plenty of ... [more ]
Green Point Market 4.0 stars
Market Place - #9 of 19
Every Sunday there is a big market in Green point. The market is mainly selling some tourist stuff and crafts, but the good thing is you get to bargain (part of the fun) and you usually get this stuff cheaper than in the shops in town. You also ... [more ]
Canal Walk 4.0 stars
Shopping - #10 of 19
Canal Walk is an impressive shopping center just outside Cape Town. It has a magnificent design with outstanding architecture. You will not miss it as you drive pass on the highway. But the interior is even better. Marble floors and frescoes, ... [more ]
South African Museum 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #11 of 19
The South African Museum was the first museum open in southern Africa more than 170 years ago. It is located right in the heart of Cape Town adjacent to the Company Gardens. Its exhibitions are mainly based on science and anthropology. This ... [more ]
Observatory 5.0 stars
Quarter - #12 of 19
Cape Town's funkiest area. It is rather near the university and therefore the population is quite young and theres lot of restaurant, cafes and bars. It is good alternative for city centres Long Street, less tourists and more locals around. ... [more ]
Cecilia Forest / Plantation 5.0 stars
Park - #13 of 19
I'm giving Cecilia Forest five stars, but if you want to experience it, you'll have to be quick, because Cape Town's powers that be have decided that the trees there are mostly of alien variety, and as such have to be cleared. This makes me want ... [more ]
Historical Walk Foorsteps to Freedom 5.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #14 of 19
The best way to discover Cape Town and it´s history is to join one of the Footsteps to Freedom three hour walk throughout town. I´ve done this walk a few times with friends visiting the Cape. The tour goes around different historical highlight ... [more ]
Heritage Square 4.0 stars
Square - #15 of 19
This is the one of my favorite spots in the city center. I like the original colonial style buildings around this picturesque square in the heart of Cape Town. The first structure was built in the early 1700´and renovated in the 80´s to conserve ... [more ]
Company Gardens 4.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #16 of 19
Company Gardens are the main gardens of Cape Town. Most of the main sites in town are around this large garden. You will find small street markets, a great variety of plants and small restaurants. This gardens are very safe as they are normally ... [more ]
Fishhoek beach 4.0 stars
Beach - #17 of 19
I love going to Fishhoek beach. It's situated on False Bay and the water is far warmer than on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula. To reach it you drive along the Blue Route highway and take the Fishhoek turnoff. You can choose whether to ... [more ]
The Cape 3.0 stars
Cape, Lighthouse - #18 of 19
The Cape has some wonderfully scenic and spectacular drives which are there to be enjoyed so follow some basic tips and drive safely: Make sure you hire a car with air-conditioning so you can close all windows. Lock all doors at all times. ... [more ]
Ratanga Junction 3.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #19 of 19
Cape Town's equivalent of EuroDisney, but with more of a "Rumble in the Jungle" theme, Ratanga Junction is situated next to the massive Century City shopping centre, and about 5 minutes drives from the V&A Waterfront. Entry costs depend on what ... [more ]
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