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Cataratas del Iguazú Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Cataratas del Iguazú vacation

The less travelled path in Iguazu 5 stars
I was surprised to find out there are almost no walking paths in the Iguazu area. The wildest path inside the Iguazú Park is called the Macuco path. It starts at the entrance of the park and it is about 3 km long.
I was told the path had different levels of difficulty but I find if mostly easy. It was a good chance to get away from the crowds and get the experience of Misiones’ rainforest.
Most of the path is really wide and covered with vegetation. I tried to keep an eye on every leave of the surroundings to catch a sight of the cui monkeys said to be there, but I was not lucky. Birds and butterflies were everywhere however as well as the delightful silence of the rainforest.
At the end of the path there is a small waterfall called Arrechea. This little spot is like a tropical fairy tale scenery, incredibly quiet and magical with the fresh humidity of the rainforest all around.


Puerto Iguazu and the 3 frontiers 4 stars
The Iguazu waterfalls are definitely one of the most promoted package tour destination in the whole country. You will find a variety of options in any travel agency in Buenos Aires. Packages are usually a good deal and you can get one if you are only visiting there. In my case, Iguazu was one of the destinations while traveling around the country and as I could not fix a date I had to plan the trip on my own.
There are many small hotels in the city of Puerto Iguazu (17 km away from the park) and I found it easy to get a room without a reservation.
This region is called the “3 frontiers” and besides Puerto Iguazu, you can find Foz Iguazu (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) nearby. This makes up an interesting language mix, since the way that people living here speak is naturally influenced by the other countries language. If you speak a bit of Spanish or Portuguese this gives the place an added flare.


The impressive Devil's Throat 5 stars
I need to admit that I am not a tourist lover (to put it mildly). Whenever I see over 20 tourists together I walk in the opposite direction. The Iguazu Park is as crowded as Disneyland, nevertheless the falls are so incredibly majestic that I was never so unaware of crowds in my whole life.
The largest part of the falls is called Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat). I could not believe my ears as I was approaching it: the roaring was so loud that it could be heard from about 500 meters away. It is hard to have a conversation without speaking up, since tons of water are falling down from an 80 meter height. The luxurious green vegetation makes up a perfect contrasting frame for the white waters that run endlessly down. The falls are so magical that I was almost happy to have all those people around sharing the experience.


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