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Abbaye Fontevraud

It was raining again on our third day, so we decided to head to the Abbaye Fontevraud, in Fontevraud near Candes-St.-Martin, on the theory that it would be mostly indoors. This proved to be partially true. When we arrived at the Abbaye it started to rain. We paid our 5.50 euros apiece, and then walked down a long gravel path toward the main buildings. The rain poured down and the wind inverted our umbrellas. We reached the shelter of the old Roman kitchens, and waited for the rain to let up a bit. The Abbaye Fontevraud dates back to the XIIth century. It was founded by Robert d’Arbrissel in 1101. The Abbaye consisted of four priories: Le Grand Moutier which housed the nuns devoted to... [more ]

We swallow at the wine tasting

Since we were in the Saumur region, we tasted Saumur red, Saumur-Champigny... [more ]

Caves in the ground and Wine Caves

Capping off our day, we stumbled on the Vignerons de Saumur, a large cave in... [more ]

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