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Al Adabīyah Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Al Adabīyah vacation , Red Sea

Ahmad Torky
you will enjoy.. 4 stars
The place is situated between the Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea mountains, the Red Sea of course is famous for the pure waters and the amazing marine life, all you need is your snorkeling goggles to enjoy watching the beautifully colored fish.
Most of the resorts there are for owners but the ones that rent are actually the best in every single way, the best ones are "Stella Di Mare", "La Siesta" and "Porto el Sukhna"
I will be talking about "Stella Di Mare", it is a huge resort actually, it has owner's area and a hotel, the hotel has a golf course.
The beach is very nice and quite big so you can have all the privacy you want, the Red sea isn’t a wavy sea so it is very much like being in a pool which makes it perfect for kids as well.
It is the perfect place to get a suntan whether you go there in summer or winter.


Ahmad Torky
The place 4 stars
What I am about to review now is an area called Ain El-Sukhna it is like 10 KM to the south of Adabiya, Adabiya is a port, its touristic area is Ain El-Sukhna.
The words mean the "hot spring" because there is a warm sulphur spring in the mountains surrounding the area, that is what the people told me I have never seen it to tell you the truth.
It is 120 km from Cairo making it the excellent place for a quick getaway or a relaxing weekend. The highway leading you there is the first in Egypt with a speed limit of 120 Km/H so you will also enjoy the drive, that if you are crazy enough to be driving in Egypt.


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