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Baden-Württemberg Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Baden-Württemberg vacation

Bike tour through the green border to Switzerland 5 stars
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My most favourite bike tour was that one when I was riding a bike that they borrowed from one of their neighbors for me with both of them to Switzerland through the green border, since we all knew that I would need a visa to get into Switzerland , but a bit adventure would not hurt at all. Anyway, the route to get there is like amazingly beautiful. We got to ride our bikes along the lake through many small and beautiful towns. There are some very difficult and hard-core parts of the road when we had to go up hill and then got rewarded with some very easy parts going down hill. It took us, I guess, 4 hours biking through some small trails in the wood and along the lake to finally got to a small town in Switzerland, of which I don’t even remember the name. But the bike ride I will never forget. The thing is that we had our own bike trails throughout the route, so it is absolutely not so scary to bike that long at all.


Danube-a never ending river 5 stars
There can be no European who didn’t hear about Delta du Danube or the river Danube, passing through a lot of European countries. Last year I visited the place where the Danube comes out from, The Black Forest Mountains in Germany. I could have never imagined that such a river could come out from such a small spring, of the dimension of a water pump in a garden. I was expecting something totally different, perhaps a small river which takes other rivers across its way or a garden full of water, anyway, something large. Still, the surroundings are very impressing. In case you decide to have a trip there, great flower gardens and trees which underline the bohemian appearance of the zone are expecting you to come!


Bike Riding in BW 4 stars
Bike Riding in Baden Wurttemberg is one of the best things you can do in the region. I recently just discovered how easy it is to get from one city to another simply by bike. I went to the Sparkasse bank and they gave me a free biking map. (Ask for the “Freizeitkarte”) This map shows how to travel between any German cities in the region by bike. Today I was able to travel from Tuebingen to Reutlingen using the bike map.

There are a few things I noticed during my Journey.
1. Usually there are some signs on the road that tell bike travelers exactly where to go.
2. Sometimes there are no signs. Don’t panic. Try to pay attention to the traffic signs.
3. If you feel you are lost, travel back to the last sign you were at. Sometimes you may have missed a sign or accidentally gone the wrong way.

During my traveling I have had to turn back a few times because I felt I was going in the wrong direction. Actually there is usually more than one way to reach your destination. In the worse case that you really are lost, then there is always the option to turn around, or you can ask someone. Most Germans know a little bit of English, at least enough to help you. I would recommend asking two different Germans. Sometimes one person will tell you to go the wrong direction. It is better to verify your traveling information by a second German.


Schwarz Wald, Black Forest 4 stars
Looking for a very scenic drive? Take a trip through the Black Forest in southern Germany. The roads are slow and sometimes very steep, but here you will get a very beautiful glimpse of Germany. One thing I didn’t expect to see in the Black Forest is camels and ostriches. Apparently there exists such a thing as Black Forest Camels and Ostriches. Right outside Freiberg there is an old farm that keeps these animals there. The view in town such as Feldberg is quiet amazing. Here is it possible to see a great overview of the mountains. The closeness to the Alps is one of the main reasons that the Black Forest is mountainous. If you have a chance, then you might be able to make a trip out to the Triberg Waterfalls.

One thing I enjoyed doing in the Black Forest was some long distance hiking. There are a number of paths in the forest including skiing trails in the winter. However, during the summer months, it is possible to take long hikes though the woods. Here you will cross streams and occasionally come to great scenic views that cause me to stop and stare awhile. One river you are likely to come across is the Danube. This is the same river that flows all the way to Budapest. However, one of the main sources of the river is in the Black Forest.


Cheaper Travel in the region 5 stars
When using the Deutsche Bahn, make sure you take advantage of their special discount passes. For currently 18 euros you can buy a day pass that allows travel all throughout the Baden-Wuerttemberg region. This works on S-Bahns, Rb, as well as many buses. Make sure however that you do not take an IC or an ICE train. This is not covered by the pass. The other stipulation is that you can not travel before 9 am and not after 2 am the next morning.

I used this travel pass to go from Tuebingen in the South all the way to Offenburg about 2 and a half hours away to get to a job interview. Normally the ticket would have cost 25 Euros each way, but with this pass I only had to pay 18 Euros for the entire trip. It is easy to use this pass to travel everywhere you can in a one day outing as you don't have to show the ticket in advance, just get on the train and travel where you want and when you want.

Groups travel cheaper than a single. You can take a group of 4 people for only 25 Euros with the same benefits as the single. This is cheap travel. You can travel hours within Baden-Wuerttemberg and pay about 5 Euros each.

I would highly recommend traveling with this pass.


Schönbuch Nature Park 5 stars
On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I take my bike to the Naturpark Schönbuch. This park provides many miles of trails connecting areas like the Bebenhausen in Tuebingen to Herrenberg und Waldenbuch. An interactice map can be found at Just click interactive Karte on the top right. Though the path is walkable by foot, I would suggest a bike. There is so much nature to see in this park and the long distances between different points in the nature park mean that when going by foot you won’t be able to see much of the park.

I like to start at the Bebenhausen in Tuebingen. Trying biking all the way to the North through the woods. This is quiet a challenge as most of the trip is upwards, but on the way back you will be able to relax as it won’t take much force to glide back down.

Importantly the Schönbuch nature park provides an easy quiet escape. This park is well protected, clean and very quiet. It is a great place to spend the day with the family. There is also within the park many areas for grilling, as well as slides and swings.


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