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Baden-Württemberg Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Baden-Württemberg

Enchilada 3.0 stars
Mexican, Restaurant in Stuttgart
We visited Enchiladas on our trip to Stuttgart one month ago. We wanted to eat mexican food and had heard that Enchiladas was the right place. The restaurant has a terrace, where they don't really have enough space for all the tables, but the ... [more ]
Neckarmüller 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Tübingen
The Neckarmueller is a tradition in Tuebingen. It is located right by the Neckar bridge and gives the locals a chance to drink in a beer garden right next to the Neckar River. The beer here is brewed fresh. It is also very excellent and ... [more ]
Africa 5.0 stars
African, Restaurant in Stuttgart
I'm not really all that familiar with what African food is supposed to be like, so I can't really comment on the authenticity of this place, but what I can tell you is that the food is delicious and the menu is quite varied. There are quite a ... [more ]
Kalender 4.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Tübingen
I have noticed since living in Tuebinge that there are a lot of Doener stands all throughout all of varying quality. The price of the Doener is not also always an indicator of the quality. One doener stand located within the altstadt (old city) ... [more ]
Kronprinz 5.0 stars
Baltic, Restaurant in Stuttgart
This place serves simple European home cooking which is nothing special in terms of ingredients or presentation, but is so tasty and filling. The dining room is simple as well, but the atmosphere lends to the feeling that you're getting a real ... [more ]
Divan 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Stuttgart
Germany has the highest Turkish population outside of Turkey, so it makes sense that the Turkish food would be of a really high standard here. Divan is a good example - their Turkish food is pretty much exactly like the stuff we get here in ... [more ]
Restaurant Happy Garden 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Schopfheim
Eating the food that is not from the original country sometimes brings less satisfaction. Last year, when I was in Loerrach, we went to this Chinese Restaurant in Schopfheim. The interior design of Happy Garden is really authentic Hongkongnese / ... [more ]
Piano Bar 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Weinheim
Opposite the local bus station, the Piano Bar tries to do something that little bit different. It is a traditional German kitchen but mixes it up with some continental flair and it works rather well. The food is very well presented on the plate ... [more ]
Cortijo 4.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Stuttgart
Cortijo is a Spanish restaurant that is surprisingly good both for food and entertainment. The have traditional Spanish dishes and also some more standard European and German fare, and there are plenty of things on the menu to suit any taste. ... [more ]
Lemon Grass 4.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Stuttgart
Yet another Thai restaurant in Stuttgart, but this one takes a different angle. It's more of a down-market kind of place, kind of like Asian fast food, but don't be mistaken - it's very, very good. You can get authentic Thai dishes loaded with ... [more ]
Shaba 4.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Stuttgart
This is probably the most expensive Thai food I've ever had, but it was also some of the best. I wish they could find a way to make the prices more reasonable, although I suppose they have no motivation to do that because the resataurant is ... [more ]
Block House 4.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Stuttgart
This restaurant is probably not for vegetarians, as most of what they serve is meat, meat, meat. The steaks are great, though, even though they're the main focus of the meals and there's not a lot of variety outside of that. They do serve sides ... [more ]
Diablo 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Lörrach
Diablo is a fusion restaurant or bar in Loerrach city center. It is located on the second of a building. As I got into the restaurant / bar, I was really happy to get to sitting in really nice design seat. But it was not all of it, you should go ... [more ]
Das Stövchen 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Karlsruhe
The Stoevchen is one of the most popular breakfast joints in all of Karlsruhe. There aren't many places open for breakfast in Karsruhe and most of them come with complementary second-hand smoke. The Stoevchen has banished smokers to a permenant ... [more ]
Goi-Asia Gourmet Imbiss 3.0 stars
Oriental, Restaurant in Stuttgart
I can’t help it but wonder why most of the Asian restaurants are run by the Vietnamese. Well….I have no complaints but only to recommend the place after eating the enormous plate of Shichung Beef fried rice. It costs 5 Euro for 1 dish but the ... [more ]
Fai Sushi 2.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Stuttgart
I wasn't terribly improssed with Fai sushi, and to be honest after we gave them a generous second chance we didn't try them again. Sushi is one of those things that needs to have a minimum standard not just for taste, but for freshness and ... [more ]
Floating Market 2.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Stuttgart
This place is just as expensive as other Thai restaurants in town, but they fail to have the quality of food or service that other places do (like the Shaba, for instance). It seems to be a place for a younger crowd, which is fine, but the ... [more ]
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