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Baden-Württemberg Attractions

4.0 stars
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Heidelberg Castle 5.0 stars
If you are taking a trip to Heidelberg, Germany then you will be absolutely amazed at the castle that is there. One of the really neat things about the castle is that it has stairs that start out right in the city and go all the way up to it. ... [more ]
Mercedes-Benz-Museum Stuttgart 4.0 stars
Mercerdes Benz Car models in all times. It was quite an experience reviewing the history of engine, car evolution and Germany history in all eras. Not only the museum is neatly composed with 4 different theme layout With the latest Hi-tech audio ... [more ]
Blumeninsel Mainau 4.0 stars
Another place that I went to with Cony and Willy was Mainau, which I think was very interesting. Mainau park is like a natural park, where the animals are protected very strongly. We had to wear some kind of boots especially made for the woods to ... [more ]
Ulm Cathedral 5.0 stars
The tower is not the only thing that this wonderful gothic cathedral can offer. The outer decorative elements are pure Gothic and as am I great fan of this architectural style they really made me a great impression. The cathedral has magnificent ... [more ]
Stuttgart Train Station 4.0 stars
Since I start traveling really early in the morning... at about 6 o'clock it is sometimes hard to find a good place to drink a cup of coffee or even to find an ATM... I just learned today that i was able to take money from BW Bank without extra ... [more ]
Stiftskirche 4.0 stars
Going up to the tower of the Church in Tuebingen provides the best view of the entire city. The entrance fee to go up will cost only 1 euro and includes entrance into the Choir of the Stiftskirche where monuments of the dukes buried below are ... [more ]
Mannheim Film Festival 4.0 stars
If you decide to visit the film festival, it would be good to know how to get there. My boyfriend and I almost got lost at one point. There are shuttle minibuses from the main train station, but they stop somewhere in front of the bus station, on ... [more ]
Europa-Park Rust 4.0 stars
Europe is roller-coaster heaven. Almost every major city has its own amusement park and a great variety of rides. When my adrenaline started dropping, I decided to take a day at Europa Park having heard much about its giant rides. From Freiberg ... [more ]
Triberger Wasserfälle 4.0 stars
The waterfall in Triberg is not the most impressive one but the nature around is really beautiful. It takes around 45 minutes to get to its offspring, a really nice lake, far away from touristic Triberg. We have been told that the waterfall was ... [more ]
Hauptstrasse 4.0 stars
Heidelberg's Hauptstrasse (Main Street), which is just over a mile long, runs from the central tram stop up towards the Schloss and is where most visitors to Heidelberg tend to spend most of their time. It’s usually crowded, even during the ... [more ]
Fernsehturm 4.0 stars
Most German cities market their TV Tower as a tourist attraction and Stuttgart is no exception. Located on a hill in the suburb of Degerloch (Tram line 15 from the city centre) it is worth a visit simply for the views over Stuttgart and the ... [more ]
Waterfall 5.0 stars
In Bad Urach there is a nature park that is around 10 kilmeters long. There is both a train stop "Bad Urach Wasserfall" and plenty of parking (2 euros per day). From here there are plenty of signs which point out exactly how to get the ... [more ]
Neue Staatsgalerie 4.0 stars
This great gallery is one of my favorites in Germany since it has some of the most important painters in modern history. The museum is divided as most museums in art movements or by time. Some of the most important artists are Rembrandt, ... [more ]
Freiburg Münster 4.0 stars
The Cathedral in Freiburg (Muenster) is one of the most wonderful purely Gothic cathedrals I have seen. It is heavily decorated with typical Gothic elements like gargoyles and small tower-like structures. it has one very high tower. Of course ... [more ]
Lichtenstein Castle 4.0 stars
Just south of Reutlingen is a little town called Lichtenstein. No this isn’t the independent nation and I don’t think the town has anything to do with that. In any case there is one site that is worth seeing. Right on the Schwabian Alb is a ... [more ]
Hohentübingen Castle 4.0 stars
I would recommened spending some quality time on the castle. Here you can get one of the best views of Tuebingen. When I have free time, I usually like to go up here just to see the town from up high. I am usually able to see most of the city ... [more ]
Castle of Meersburg 4.0 stars
Whilst I did go in October and the tourist season was over, I found Meersburg to be a great little coastal community on the Bodensee. there is a lot to see and do however the town is pretty small and can be covered in a day pretty easily. One ... [more ]
Rathaus 4.0 stars
In every Germany city there seems to be a beautiful created Rathaus within the town center. The Rathaus is of course the town hall. In Ulm the Rathaus is no exception. The Rathaus has been beautiful decorated. The entire outside has been ... [more ]
Stuttgart Market Place 4.0 stars
The Stuttgart Market Place is an indoor market where food is sold. Everything is indoors so this market can stay open year round. Inside I found all sorts of different food items ranging from meat to fruits and vegetables. Here food can be ... [more ]
Stadtmuseum 4.0 stars
I took a trip to the city museum located right within the center of Tuebingen. Here they cover the history if Tuebingen back from when it used to be surrounded by castle walls all the way to today. It was hard to really enjoy the museum, ... [more ]
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