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Hawke's Bay Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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A Stroll Through Port Ahuriri

The gulls wheeled and pirouetted above me, cutting knife-like tears in the clouds. Sunlight filtered down through the holes like fingers of God, and splashed in the sea that bobbed green and grey in the grey day.
I gathered my jacket closer around me as the wind whipped in from the Pacific. I was walking through Port Ahuriri in Napier, a city in the North Island of New Zealand.
A fishing boat was coming in, flecks of white foam blowing up on its hull, its hold no doubt full of fish for the market. A small boy, fishing rod clutched in one hand and a bucket in the other, watched on and nodded his head in approval. Boats were adventure and escape for him.
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The Fruitbowl of New Zealand

One of the greatest, most satisfying things that I did in New Zealand was to... [more ]

Hawke's Bay - A Winetaster's Paradise (I think)

Ahh, what a place. Hawke's Bay is found on the east coast of the North Island... [more ]

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Hawke's Bay - Top Locations

Top Rated Attractions

1. Cape Kidnappers
Te Awanga
5.0 stars
2. Bluff Hill
5.0 stars
3. Marineland
5.0 stars
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