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Chemnitz Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Chemnitz overview

We didn't have much time to discover everything that Chemnitz has to offer but i think we have seen all the basic attractions.
While driving to the city center from the suburbs we have noticed a significant amount of old abandoned buildings with empty black windows. Lots of people seem to move to Western Germany looking for jobs and better life, so the accommodation capacity of the city obviously exceeds the population. This looks quite sad.
City center though leaves different impression. Everything is nicely restored and buildings are cleaner and brighter. Market square and the Town hall are very nice. There are lots of shops and restaurants. [more ]


Chemnitz is one of the most populated cities in Saxony. In my opinion the... [more ]

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1. Karl-Marx-Monument 4.0 stars
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Chemnitz Chemnitz Town Hall 2 Town hall
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