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North Rhine-Westphalia Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your North Rhine-Westphalia vacation

„Pfannkuchenhaus“ – various pancake dishes in Marl 4 stars
The menu of the the „Pfannkuchenhaus” in Marl offers quite an interesting choice of different pancakes for affordable prices. You can have almost everything from sweat to savory or hot. I have already tried different pancakes with steak, cheese, fruit, and ice, and they all tasted good. The style of the restaurant is like an old farmhouse. The service is good, and you don’t need to wait long for your order. But I would recommend making a reservation before you go there.


Beethoven House 4 stars
The Beethoven in Bonn is one of the main highlights of the city. Although this house is not actually the original house, it is an authentic recreation of the house where Beethoven was born. One thing that I didn’t understand about the concept of this house is why it is so important to see where Beethoven was born. He didn’t even spend much of his life here.

I did enjoy the museum here. They have a nice piano where sometimes someone will be there playing some of Beethoven’s music. This museum actually contains one of the largest Beethoven collections. They have different things that Beethoven composed or wrote as well as different letters, as well as a lot of history of the life of Beethoven. The house is very nice as well as the garden next to the house.

Check out the computer room next to the house where Beethoven was born and they have a lot of interactive programs about Beethoven as well as the chance to hear different music that Beethoven composed.

At the exit and entrance is a nice little museum shop where you can buy different Beethoven souvenirs as well as a t shirt to tell all your friends at home that you were at the house were Beethoven was born.


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