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North Rhine-Westphalia Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in North Rhine-Westphalia

Taco Mexician Restaurant 4.0 stars
Mexican, Restaurant in Bonn
This is, at best, a very European-style pastiche of Tex-Mex food. It's kind of a cartoon version, with ridiculous substitutions in some cases (I'm sorry, but ketchup is not the base of real salsa). Having said that, it's no worse than any other ... [more ]
Früh am Dom 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Cologne
The Frueh (no umlaut key, sorry!) am Dom is definitely worth a visit if you are in Cologne, or even if you're anywhere near. Located almost next to the Dom, it is quite the experience. Even just wandering around the restaurant is an adventure. ... [more ]
NH Köln 3.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Cologne
Köln has a little disappointed me in terms of architecture. I was expecting to have a walk in a nice old town of Köln, to enjoy old traditional buildings, to brows through narrow pebbled-stone streets. It occurred that probably the most ... [more ]
Frauenstraße 24 - Kulturzentrum 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Münster
Frauenstr. 24 is the address and the name of this establishment. The house became famous - though only within the city walls - when it got occupied in the 70s by squatters. It´s been a culture center since, whatever that means. To me it´s simply ... [more ]
Mongo's 5.0 stars
Oriental, Restaurant in Dortmund
This restaurant belongs to the restaurant chain „Mongos“. Besides some appetizers, it offers an “all you can eat” Mongolian buffet for about 20 Euro. The concept is: you choose from various choices of meat, fish, vegetables, rice, and noodles and ... [more ]
Dong Fang Hong 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Aachen
When my Hongkongnese friend, William celebrated his birthday, we didn’t know where to go. William was longing for Chinese and Cantonese food. Then my other friend, Tong suggested to go to Dong Fang Hong (東方紅). It is a very new restaurant, located ... [more ]
Sultan of Kebab (Sultan of Mokka) 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Aachen
Once upon a time, it was 3 AM and someone was hungry. Actually it was me and I didn’t want to cook. So, I put my shoes on and walked to the city. Around the main bus station area was still full of people and I decided to go there. There I found ... [more ]
Vielfalt 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Aachen
How much do you love potatoes? If you love potatoes as much as I do, then you should try baked potatoes from Vielfalt. Vielfalt means varieties in German, and I think it is the right word for the bistro. Vielfalt provides fresh baked potatoes ... [more ]
Tam Nag Thai 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Dortmund
The Tam Nag Thai is a restaurant with good Thai food. I recommend ordering the mixed appetizers, which you can flambé in a small bowl of oil at the table. They also serve several dips and marinades with it. But also the main dishes are really ... [more ]
Piccolo Ristorante 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Aachen
I’ve seen Piccolo many times and always wanted to eat there. Either we didn’t go that direction or we kept forgetting about it, that’s why we didn’t have a chance to try it until my company invited us to eat there. Piccolo is not very big but ... [more ]
Rheinaue 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Cologne
This is a very unusual dining room in a wonderful countryside setting with fantastic views and great service. It's a very upscale restaurant, with a wine list and menu to match, so it's perfect for a special evening. It's very airy and open, ... [more ]
Labyrinth Restaurant 5.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Aachen
Labyrinth Restaurant is an international restaurant. They offer you Turkish, Greek, German and Italian food. The prices are very affordable: salad costs from 4-8 Euro depending what kind of salad, main course costs from 8-24 Euro (pizza costs ... [more ]
Goldener Schwan 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Aachen
If I tell you that Goldener Schwan Restaurant was established in 1438, I am sure you’d be like “what?!?!?!”. Yeah, it is true A couple weeks ago, my friend told us that there is a very nice restaurant with German cuisine and some other ... [more ]
Giebelhof 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Oer-Erkenschwick
If you stay in Oer-Erkenschwick and would like to enjoy a good steak, the restaurant Giebelhof is where you should go to. It offers a nice atmosphere and the menu is specialized on steaks. You can also it other dishes there, but all the steaks we ... [more ]
Haxenhaus 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Aachen
Haxe (Hachse) is pork knuckle, and normally roasted one in Germany. I love to have it, especially if I can’t get it everyday. Haxenhaus are available only 4 times a year: Carnival, Christmas, Ocher, and summer. It is a huge open-air restaurant. ... [more ]
Besitos 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Aachen
I went to Besitos Restaurant when the Euro 2008 was still going on, but it was not my first visit. And the funniest thing was I was there with all the Spanish friends who of course were supporting Spain while I was supporting Germany. It was a ... [more ]
City Grill Bistro 5.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Aachen
There are some places in Aachen that you can get good Currywurst (curry sausage), but if you want to get fresh curry powder and crunchy fried onions on your curry sausage, then City Grill Bistro is the right place. To get there from my place, ... [more ]
Mr. Kebap 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Aachen
Mr. Kebap is one of the restaurants in Aachen that is available until 6:30 in the morning. The first time I went there after having clubbed at Pontstrasse, then I was starving for something. And the only restaurant was open at that time was Mr. ... [more ]
Lemon Tree 5.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Monschau
I’ve been to Monschau many times, but I still love it. Last time when I was there, I found a new restaurant called Lemon Tree. It is a great brand new restaurant. They cook the food in the opened kitchen, so all the customers can see how they ... [more ]
Die Grosse Mauer 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Aachen
Die Grosse Mauer restaurant is a very small restaurant at the corner of Guaitastrasse. The owners of the restaurants are the professors in China. Due to the revolution in China, they came to Germany and the opened the restaurant. Die Grosse Mauer ... [more ]
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