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North Rhine-Westphalia Attractions

4.0 stars
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Cologne Cathedral (Dome of Cologne) 4.0 stars
The cathedral in Cologne is the worlds second tallest church only surpassed by the single spire of the Ulm cathedral. The cathedral is really an impressive sight, it is absolutely huge and gives you a jawdropping experience if you arrive by ... [more ]
Aula Carolina 4.0 stars
If you like German white wine like me, please try Boetzinger wine. Boetzinger is an area in Freiburg and the Boetzinger wine is considered as the oldest viticulture community in Badens. When I tried the Boetzinger wine at the wine fair in Aachen, ... [more ]
Phantasia Land 5.0 stars
As the summer of 2007 was coming to a close, my sister and I wanted to make an attempt to insure that a little fun was had to end the season with sunshine and laughter! On recommendation from a relative, we opted for Phantasialand in Bruehl, near ... [more ]
Museum Ludwig 4.0 stars
I must confess that I am not the must artistically enlightened person but my girlfriend is, so we went to the Ludwig Museum. And I have to say that it was the most interesting art museum that I have been to. Maybe because the modern art was ... [more ]
Bügeleisenhaus 4.0 stars
This house is sponsored by the "Heimatverein Hattingen-Ruhr. This organisation is responsible for the museum as well. The museum allows it's visitors a glimpse at architecture of a long time ago and the history of the house as well. Every owner ... [more ]
Graphikmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster 4.0 stars
For those Picasso aficionados, Barcelona and Paris aren’t the only cities to catch a museum dedicated to the father of Cubism. In fact, some of the smaller cities house the best Picasso museums, including Malaga, Antibes, and Münster. While ... [more ]
Gürzenich 4.0 stars
A couple weeks ago, Nicolas, Frederik and I went to Koeln Wein Messe (Cologne Wine Fair). It was also the second time the wine committee held the wine fair in Cologne. Cologne wine fair was held in Cologne Congress Hall in Cologne. The hall is ... [more ]
Godesburg 4.0 stars
Bad Godesberg is a district within the area of Bonn. Here the main attraction is the Godesburg Castle. This castle is located on a mountain peak, but don’t worry, the climb is not too hard to get to the top. I went out here just to get a ... [more ]
Aachen Christmas Market 4.0 stars
This year the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) opened on 23th November- 23th December. It’s located in Aachen Zentrum, just around the Rathaus. Lots of vendors that sell anything you can find, from food, drink, porcelain to accessories. If you ... [more ]
Roman-Germanic Museum 4.0 stars
The Roman-Germanic Museum, located right next to the famous Cologne Cathedral, is one of the top museums of the region. It was built around a mosaic of Dionysius which was discovered during the construction of an air raid shelter in 1941. The ... [more ]
Aachener Heiligstumfahrt 5.0 stars
Every seven years, they hold the “Aachener Heiligstumfahrt” in Aachen. It is literary meaning the Holly / Sanctuary Journey. It was started in year 39459354 and still people are coming from everywhere in Europe to visit Aachener Heiligstumfahrt. ... [more ]
Chocolate Factory Lindt & Sprüngli 5.0 stars
Aachen is a lovely town, situated in the western part of Germany, pretty close to the German-Belgian-Dutch boarder. It is famous for the CHIO (equestrian championship), Printen (a kind of ginger bread with different flavours), the RWTH ... [more ]
Kennedy Park 4.0 stars
Before you enter Kennedy Park, you’ll have to stop and check the fountain. There is no name on the fountain, only two sentences in German: This fountain was donated by Rank Xerox (1978) Designed by Benno Werth Many years ago, kids could ... [more ]
Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum 4.0 stars
Cologne’s chocolate museum, officially called Imhoff-Schokoladen-Museum, is a fun experience for all ages. The museum goes through the 3,000 year history of chocolate, the types of chocolate today, and how chocolate is made. The museum is quite ... [more ]
Innenhafen 4.0 stars
The typical American / Mexican restaurant Mississippi is located in the area of the inland port Duisburg. The menu offers many varieties of salads, burgers, fajitas, and nachos, so there is something for every taste. They also mix good cocktails ... [more ]
Kunstmuseum Bonn 4.0 stars
I went into the Kunstmuseum in Bonn because it was required for one of the classes I was taking during my study abroad experience there. However, by the end I was able to see a great deal of art. One thing to know before going in here is that ... [more ]
Altstadt 5.0 stars
At first I found Düsseldorf a bit hard to get around in as well as hard to figure out where the centre of it was. Then I found the Altstadt quarter and immidiately fell in love. Go off the U-Bahn close to the Heinrich Heine Allee and walk towards ... [more ]
Rheinturm Düsseldorf 5.0 stars
The Düsseldorf Rhine Tower is a good place to get a panoramic overview of the city. Besides the fact that this was the first European city I had ever visited (and I loved Germany and Europe), Düsseldorf had a charm and it really grew on me. There ... [more ]
Cologne Zoological Garden 5.0 stars
I love Zoos and always have and Koln Zoo is one of the best. Luckily for me the sun was shining and most of the animals were out to play. It has its own U Bahn stop which is very useful if your a tourist and have no idea where you are going! I ... [more ]
Düsseldorf Airport 4.0 stars
I flew from Düsseldorf to Mallorca last year and almost did not make it to the plane. So I arrived at what I thought it was the airport, had a juice and read my book very relaxed for about half an hour. Then I decided it would be time to check ... [more ]
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