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North Rhine-Westphalia Bars

4.0 stars

North Rhine-Westphalia bar reviews from insiders

Café Extrablatt 4.0 stars
Café in Aachen
I’ve been to Café Extrablatt a couple times. I personally don't mind the level of the volume there. It makes me feel homier. Bruch is my favorite thing at Café Extrablatt. It costs around 12.50 Euro per person and it is all you can eat with one ... [more ]
Lennet Kann 4.0 stars
Bar in Aachen
In Aachen, there is a bar that gives you free salsa dance course. In return, you just need to buy a drink and then they will teach you salsa dance. What an amazing exchange! Lennet Kann is the name of the bar, which is located in the Zentrum ... [more ]
Brauhaus Uerige 4.0 stars
Bar in Düsseldorf
Uerige is a really old styled brewery complex that literally has sawdust floors and the feel of a forgotten beer age. The dark beer that is sold there is good but the location is better. It is in the middle of the Düsseldorf old city and really ... [more ]
Café Kittel 4.0 stars
Café in Aachen
When Nicolas’ good friends came to Aachen, Ben (our good friend) suggested to have breakfast at Café Kittel. I’ve passed the café many times, especially the backyard side. Café Kittel is always so busy during tea time on the weekdays, but on the ... [more ]
Cavete 4.0 stars
Bar in Münster
The Academic Beerinstitution Cavete is the oldest student's pub in Münster - and old it looks! It's a cosy little crooked place with a medieval touch to it. It's popular among locals and basically the place one takes visitors from out of town to. ... [more ]
Sausalitos 4.0 stars
Bar in Bochum
The Sausalitos is located at the Bermuda-Dreieck in Bochum close to the main station. At this atmospheric restaurant, they offer a great variety of Mexican and American food for affordable prices. I can highly recommend the Chicken Caesar’s Salad ... [more ]
Watusi Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Münster
Imagine you open your own little bar and before you start decorating it you drink, eat, and smoke substances of the halucination-inducing kind. Well, welcome to the Watusi Bar. It is shrill at best, it´s also pretty small, but I really enjoy it. ... [more ]
Café Zum Mohren 5.0 stars
Café in Aachen
Café zum Mohren is always very full with its customers. Either in summer or in winter, there are always people come to drink coffee or bier. I always go there in summer, because you can sit outside of the café in summer. If you don’t the seats ... [more ]
Little Italy 5.0 stars
Café in Aachen
I have to admit that I don’t drink a lot of coffee in Germany. Shame on me, cos I always run to Starbucks. Most of the coffee that I got in cafés here is little bit bitter and I don’t like it. Coffee in Italy tastes a lot better to me. I don’t ... [more ]
Tijuana 5.0 stars
Bar in Aachen
Tijuana Restaurant is situated at the old Sausalitos, that’s why a lot of people always get confused. Tijuana is bar restaurant that provides Tex-Mex food. You can try its burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, tacos, hamburgers, and other Tex-Mex food. ... [more ]
Del Negro 5.0 stars
Café in Aachen
Wanna have the best Italian ice cream in Aachen? Del Negro is the answer. It opens until December. Even it’s cold, but there are still people going to get some ice cream. They offer more and more flavors. In summer, they have mango, watermelon, ... [more ]
Buddha Bar 5.0 stars
Bar in Aachen
There are not a lot of bars that you can smoke shisha (hookah) in Aachen. Shisha (hookah) is a stemmed water pipe for smoking. You pay about 8 Euros and you get one hookah with one cube of charcoal. You can choose the flavors you want for you ... [more ]
Arkadia 4.0 stars
Bar in Cologne
One great thing about Cologne is the nightlife. On the weekends there are plenty of places to go to dance, drink alcohol and just have a great time. Try going to club Arkadia. This club features a variety of music. My favorite feature of ... [more ]
Bullenkopp 4.0 stars
Bar in Münster
... this is the sort of place where you can still find a working beer tab. The Bullenkopp (Bull´s Head) is by no means a happening place, but it´s been there for as long as human collective memory goes back, so they´ve gotta do something right. ... [more ]
Café Keko Kleine Pause 4.0 stars
Café in Aachen
Can’t sleep at night? Want to go somewhere else but don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, Café Keko is always available at anytime. Café Keko is very famous among the students in Aachen. During the examination period, most of the students have to ... [more ]
Starbucks 4.0 stars
Café in Aachen
TThe reason why I want to share this American franchise coffee shop is because this is the only Starbucks you can get in Aachen. If you are craving the caramel macchiato, then come to Starbucks in Aachen. One of my friends’ husband from the ... [more ]
Apollo Kino 4.0 stars
Bar in Aachen
Apollo Kino is actually a combination of a cinema and a club. On the first floor, you can watch movies and at the basement you can have a great party. I’ve been there a couple times, and I think it is always fun. Most of people who go there are ... [more ]
Sausalito 4.0 stars
Bar in Aachen
I am not sure if it is a 100% Mexican bar, but from the name and the music, it is pretty close to. I consider more it is as a Spanish bar from the music with salsa and tango. We drop by there a couple times, and I really like it. Sausalito is a ... [more ]
Café Kaktus 4.0 stars
Bar in Aachen
There are so many bars in Pontstrasse, and Kaktus bar is one of them. Two weeks ago, my friends and I were really in the mood to drink at a bar. On the way, a guy from Ecuador came and talked to us. Then we asked him where a good bar to drink, he ... [more ]
Punto Canteen 4.0 stars
Café in Aachen
Punton Canteen is actually not a canteen but a café. It is located at the city center, at the shopping alley. Punto Canteen offers you Panini, bagels, bread and cakes. I had the chocolate cake, and it was pretty good. I also tried the Latte ... [more ]
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