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Cheung Chau Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Cheung Chau vacation

Christina Hann-Trefzger
The Long Island in Hong Kong 5 stars
Cheung Chau literally means Long Island in Chinese / Cantonese. It is an island that’s located in Islands District. This central part of Cheung Chau is pretty developed now. It used to be a fisherman island, but nowadays many Cantonese go there just want to stay out of the city. I personally love to go there cos it’s really quiet and different from other beaches in Hong Kong that mostly a whole bunches people crowd together at the same place. Stay overnight is not a problem. Many inns or motels provide places to stay with reasonable prices. Bored with the beach? You can amble around the village. I also love the night view in Cheung Chau island.


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