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Brandenburg (State) Attractions

4.0 stars
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Sanssouci 4.0 stars
The Palaces and gardens of Sanssouci near Potsdam are one of the nicest palace complexes in the whole Germany. There are several different palaces – the Old palace of Sanssouci with its terraces with statues and fountains; the New palace which ... [more ]
Park von Sanssouci 4.0 stars
The Sanssouci Park is a very wide green area that hosts many historical buildings and monuments. There are many things to visit and that is why I recommend saving a whole day just for the park, if you plan on visiting everything. The major ... [more ]
Brücke-Museum Berlin 4.0 stars
I enjoyed the bus ride out to this museum all most as much as I enjoyed the museum. The place is located in a beautiful little park away from the center of downtown Berlin. The museum is a building designed like a bunch of cubicles and inside is ... [more ]
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp 5.0 stars
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is around forty five minutes out of Central Berlin, you can go there yourself or as part of a tour - which I did with New Berlin Tours (they donate a percentage of the profit to the memorial). It's definately not ... [more ]
Turmpalast Cinema 5.0 stars
I don’t go too often to the cinema here in Germany, first of all, because of the language. I hate seeing dubbed movies and that is what you usually get in most of the german cinemas. Fortunately, my friends and I discovered a great cinema in ... [more ]
Brandenburg 4.0 stars
Brandenburg is a nice small town on the river Havel quite close to the German capital Berlin. It is one of the oldest towns in the region and has even given its name to the province in which it is nowadays situated. Once it has been a regional ... [more ]
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