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Kyteler’s Inn

The story says it was founded in 1324 by Dame Alice Kyteler, a bank-money lender and a brothel keeper. She has been married four times and all of her husbands have died within a year of marriage. As a consequence she ended up owning an extremely big fortune that her enemies accused her of witchcraft and wanted her death. Some say she was burned alive while others sustain that it was her servant who was burned while Alice managed to escape prison with the help of her brother-in-law. The pub is nice and roomy, with great atmosphere and menu. Every evening a band is playing Irish folk music while the Irishmen in the pub are dancing and singing along. [more ]

Callan Town

Callan town lies ten miles away of the bitten track from Kilkenny but the... [more ]

The Pumphouse

It’s really hard to choose a favorite between Kyteler’s Inn and the... [more ]

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