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North Holland Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in North Holland

The Pancake Bakery 5.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Amsterdam
This is one of my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. I was there once with my friends on my second or third trip to this crazy city. That was also when I falled in love with this Dutch cuisine. Normally I do not like Dutch food at all, but ... [more ]
Golden Chopstick 1.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Amsterdam
I know that service is not perfect in Amsterdam, but come on, give me a break the way that my fiancée and I were treated at the Golden Chopsticks is flat out inexcusable. We sat down at the Golden Chopsticks after a long day of walking in and ... [more ]
De Prins 5.0 stars
French, Restaurant in Amsterdam
If you are taking a trip to Amsterdam and want to get some traditional food then make sure to stop by De Kroonprins, which is right across the street from the main train station. We went to this restaurant when we were there not knowing what to ... [more ]
Wok to Walk 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Amsterdam
I hate most fast food: the one exception is pizza. Other than that, whenever people suggest getting something to carry as we walk, I end up paying for higher-end sandwiches and paninis or just getting a side of fries with ketchup in a styrofoam ... [more ]
Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Amsterdam
When I was living in the United States, I had been to numerous Hard Rock Cafes, but the one in Amsterdam of the Netherlands beats 'em all by a landslide. It's the best place a tourist can visit while staying in Amsterdam, not only because of the ... [more ]
Moeder's Pot 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
During the time that we were in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, we ate at some rather interesting restaurants, but there was one in particular that was unlike all the others: Moeder's Pot. It's a tiny place located inside a Dutch-style home. In ... [more ]
Supperclub 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Amsterdam's Supperclub is the most interesting place I've ever been to. This is where art and food mix... the place itself is modern and beautifully decorated, where you can even lay out on couches with each other and enjoy your food right ... [more ]
The Grand Cafe 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
While my travel buddies and I were in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks to tour and get a better understanding of the people and the history behind this place, we dined at a restaurant called "The Grand Cafe." We came here for breakfast and the ... [more ]
De Waag 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Hilversum
De Waag is a very nice restaurant located in Hilversum where most people apparently come as a group because of the massive long dining tables found here. We were lucky enough to be seated at one of their smaller tables for four people, though, ... [more ]
Dorrius 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Dorrius is one of the best Dutch restaurants we visited while staying in Amsterdam for a few weeks, not only because of the fact that the menu was available in English or because the service here was outstanding, but also because of the terrific ... [more ]
Levant 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Amsterdam
While my travel buddies and I were in Amsterdam, we dined at a cozy Turkish restaurant called "Levant." The place was very nice with high ceilings, light yellow walls and white woodworkings, hardwood floors and white linen tablecloths. The menu ... [more ]
Herrie 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
If you're looking for a unique restaurant while touring Amsterdam like we did, I would recommend going to a place called "Herrie," which means "noise" in Dutch. The name serves the place well, I think, especially if you're at the ... [more ]
Zilt & Zo 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Hilversum
Zilt & Zo Restaurant is a casual dining location in Hilversum that my friend had raved on and on about, so, of course, I had to take a visit with her. The inside of the restaurant is rather interesting, thanks to the sea-inspired decorations and ... [more ]
Harlem Soul Food 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
I'll never forget the time that we went to the Harlem Soul Food Cafe in Amsterdam. We had walked past this place the afternoon before and figured it would be a good place to eat at, chat and relax while enjoying a couple of beers in the typical ... [more ]
Semhar 5.0 stars
Ethopian, Restaurant in Amsterdam
While in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, a couple of friends and I made a notion to seek out the best restaurants within that area, being the food-loving people that we are. The first one we went to was Semhar, an Ethiopian restaurant that just ... [more ]
De Schutter 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
While we were in Amsterdam, we went to a casual cafe-bar called "De Schutter," which was probably one of the more interesting places I've ever seen. Be sure to check out the ceilings here, which is covered with hundreds of dried tea bags. I ... [more ]
El Tulipan Negro 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Hilversum
El Tulipan Negro (which is Spanish for Black Tulip, I think), is a very nice restaurant located in the town of Hilversum that serves authentic Spanish food at great prices. Their menu is extensive and covers a wide array of options, and I opted ... [more ]
Pizzeria & Steakhouse Jericho 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Amsterdam
As we neared the end of our trip in the Jordaan area, we were beginning to run a little short on cash (although we had plenty in each of our bank accounts) and we didn't want to take a trip to the bank until we went to another area, so we made a ... [more ]
De Vliegende Schotel 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
I think that a literal translation of this restaurant would be "the flying dish," if my limited Dutch knowledge serves me right. My travel companions and I came here with a native (Dutch) vegetarian friend of ours after he recommended the place ... [more ]
De smidse 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Hilversum
De smidse is a restaurant located in Hilversum, defined by its friendly atmosphere and great food. The inside of the restaurant is beautiful and almost tavern-like, but with a twist: there is an all-glass mosaic on the ceiling. Their prices are ... [more ]
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