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North Holland Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in North Holland

The Pancake Bakery 5.0 stars
International, Restaurant in Amsterdam
This is one of my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. I was there once with my friends on my second or third trip to this crazy city. That was also when I falled in love with this Dutch cuisine. Normally I do not like Dutch food at all, but ... [more ]
Golden Chopstick 1.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Amsterdam
I know that service is not perfect in Amsterdam, but come on, give me a break the way that my fiancée and I were treated at the Golden Chopsticks is flat out inexcusable. We sat down at the Golden Chopsticks after a long day of walking in and ... [more ]
De Prins 5.0 stars
French, Restaurant in Amsterdam
If you are taking a trip to Amsterdam and want to get some traditional food then make sure to stop by De Kroonprins, which is right across the street from the main train station. We went to this restaurant when we were there not knowing what to ... [more ]
Wok to Walk 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Amsterdam
I hate most fast food: the one exception is pizza. Other than that, whenever people suggest getting something to carry as we walk, I end up paying for higher-end sandwiches and paninis or just getting a side of fries with ketchup in a styrofoam ... [more ]
Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Amsterdam
When I was living in the United States, I had been to numerous Hard Rock Cafes, but the one in Amsterdam of the Netherlands beats 'em all by a landslide. It's the best place a tourist can visit while staying in Amsterdam, not only because of the ... [more ]
Moeder's Pot 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
During the time that we were in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, we ate at some rather interesting restaurants, but there was one in particular that was unlike all the others: Moeder's Pot. It's a tiny place located inside a Dutch-style home. In ... [more ]
Supperclub 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Amsterdam's Supperclub is the most interesting place I've ever been to. This is where art and food mix... the place itself is modern and beautifully decorated, where you can even lay out on couches with each other and enjoy your food right ... [more ]
The Grand Cafe 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
While my travel buddies and I were in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks to tour and get a better understanding of the people and the history behind this place, we dined at a restaurant called "The Grand Cafe." We came here for breakfast and the ... [more ]
Like a Local 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
If you are planning on taking a trip to Amsterdam and want to get a feel of what kind of food that the locals like to eat then you should go to a place called like a local. When you go to Like-a-Local the staff there arranges for you to meet up ... [more ]
Cafe Koosje 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
One of my favorite restaurants of all time in Amsterdam would have to be Cafe Koosje. We all agreed that the place had a certain charm about it that made it unique from the others, almost as if it took you back to another time. The bar is huge ... [more ]
Cafe Duende 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Cafe Duende's menu isn't the most tourist-friendly one unless you speak one of two languages: Dutch or Spanish. The items on the menu are named in Spanish while the description of the items is in Dutch. It shouldn't be too hard for those of you ... [more ]
KFC 5.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Amsterdam
If you are planning on taking a trip to Amsterdam and want to save money on going out to eat there then I would recommend going to KFC. I know that you are probably thinking that this is a waste of a tip and that this is obvious. I just want to ... [more ]
De Luwte 5.0 stars
Swedish, Restaurant in Amsterdam
De Luwte is a very popular and fun restaurant in the great city of Amsterdam. This restaurant is well known for its reasonable prices, friendly staff, and international cuisine. One of the things that I liked most about this place was that it ... [more ]
Cafe De Toog 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
We were unable to get a menu in English when we came to Cafe De Toog for dinner as a group of four, but our server was eager to help us in very good English, despite her funny Dutch accent. She told me not to make fun of her accent "or else," ... [more ]
Small World Catering 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Small World Catering's menu is tourist-friendly because it is available in both English and Dutch. I loved everything about this little cafe when I visited, especially the food. I had ravioli salade for starters, followed by some great lasagna. ... [more ]
Cafe De Pijp 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
The four of us split up into couples for dinner in Amsterdam late one evening. My good female friend and I chose to dine at Cafe De Pijp after hearing recommendations from many of the locals. The place is very nicely decorated and is equipped ... [more ]
Le 4 Stagioni 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Le 4 Stagioni While in Amsterdam, my travel buddies and I started craving homemade Italian cuisine. We asked around and were recommended to go to Le 4 Stagioni at the southern end of Amsterdam. Also, for those of you who've been wondering ... [more ]
Zouk 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Zouk was the restaurant of choice on the first evening that we split up in Amsterdam into couples for dinner. Our two other companions declared this restaurant as incredible, so we dined here on the second evening of splitting up. The place had ... [more ]
Yam-Yam 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Yam-Yam has to be one of my favorite Italian restaurants from Amsterdam's own Jordaan area. The place is as casual as can be, so it doesn't matter if you show up here in jeans here, just as long as you've come to stuff yourself silly! I just ... [more ]
Tomo Sushi 5.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Amsterdam
Don't ask me what stirred up our sushi cravings, but while out in the heart of Amsterdam late one evening, we all decided that we wanted it immediately. Even though it was nearly ten o'clock at night, we found one place that was still open, ... [more ]
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