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North and Middle America Clubs

4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Babylon 2.0 stars
Club in Tamarindo
Babylon is one of the big clubs in Tamarindo and attracts lots of foreigners, locals and a good number of pick pockets. You really need to be careful of this danger in here and other clubs in Tamarindo. Both me and a friend had money stolen from ... [more ]
Tangerine Club 5.0 stars
Club in Las Vegas
When we are talking about places to have fun in Las Vegas is like talking about the fishes in the sea. However there are a few places that attract you towards them, the places where all your friends have fun, the places that you see in pictures ... [more ]
The Railway Club 4.0 stars
Club in Vancouver
The Railway Club in downtown Vancouver is an old school bar that still keeps itself interesting. If you like live music some of the bands they get in alone could be worth the trip. The Railway club is an intimate space which is great for enjoying ... [more ]
The Cactus Club 4.0 stars
Club in Vancouver
The Cactus Club was an offshoot of the Restaurant Earls which now may be the more successful brand. The Cactus Club seems to cater to a slightly different clientele so it may really be comparing apples to oranges. I find that they have a well ... [more ]
Club Sanctum 5.0 stars
Club in New York
Club Sanctum is a popular New York club. I was impressed by the attention of the people there. The DJs were always attentive in choosing the next track and did have other things to do while mixing. They didn’t let a song to play while they were ... [more ]
Excalibur Nightclub 5.0 stars
Club in Chicago
I went to this Chicago night club for my twenty-eighth birthday a couple of years ago and had the time of my life. Not only do you get a great selection of food and drink, but you can dance, dance, dance to eighties music or salsa music. When I ... [more ]
Wayside 5.0 stars
Club in Kalamazoo
Every Student knows about Wednesdays at Wayside. On Wednesdays they offer 50 cent drinks and free entrance to the dance club. First of all, this bar is extremely huge. This bar has too floors. On the top floor there are pool tables, large ... [more ]
LaBoom 5.0 stars
Club in Montréal
LaBoom is to nightclub what a double Big Mac is to burger. It's the art of concept pulled to the extreme. The sneering contempt for settling - "Why decide on a theme?" the club architects might have said - "lets just do a bunch of them, and ... [more ]
golf course, Orlando 5.0 stars
Club in Orlando
If you are taking a trip to Orlando, Florida, or you are already there and want a break from all of the Disney World type stuff, then you should consider hitting the golf course. Orlando, Florida is one of the best golfing cities in the world. ... [more ]
Le Grande Supper 5.0 stars
Club in Duluth
If you are planning on taking a trip to Duluth, Minnesota than you should definitely take note of The Le Grande Supper Club is always a great time and also a very delicious experience. Le Grande Supper Club is located a little ways outside ... [more ]
Cattyshack 5.0 stars
Club in New York
Cattyshack is a dance bar where most of the clients are teenage girls or women. It is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is full of life on Saturdays but also when there is a pool party or a lipstick party with old style disco. The place is two ... [more ]
Tipitina's 5.0 stars
Club in New Orleans
Tipitina's club, which is uptown in the Garden District, ahs been famous as a music venue since my mother was a teenager. She told me lots of stories about it when I was too young to go, I think she may have been trying to prove that she was hip ... [more ]
La Sarten Club 5.0 stars
Club in Santo Domingo
As I was staying with a Dominican friend, I had the privilege to taste the Dominican lifestyle a lot better than I could have done it staying in a hotel. My friend's father wanted us to go out with him one evening in one of his favorite bars. He ... [more ]
Pure Club 5.0 stars
Club in Las Vegas
The Pure club is one of Caesar’s Palace Casino high-rated points. The name is not randomly picked up but has a simple meaning that goes very well with the theme of the casino and with the Greek mythology: white. The club has a mysterious attitude ... [more ]
Julius 5.0 stars
Club in New York
Julius bar in New York is gay bar however it is not an ordinary gay bar, it is the oldest one in New York. Julius has many stories to tell and many years of experience. The place is always full and plays all kinds of music. There is a wagon wheel ... [more ]
Casa Salsa 5.0 stars
Club in Miami
The Casa Salsa is one of the most popular restaurants on Ocean Drive. Situated near the end of South Beach, in my opinion, everything--from the interior design to the live music, and of course, the food--is impressive. The restaurant has a menu ... [more ]
Mango's 5.0 stars
Club in Miami
I spent many magical evenings dancing at this glitzy club. Mango's is absolutely awesome with Latin hip-hop and disco in the front, a live Salsa band in the back, and a large dance room upstairs. Some of my friends don't like to dance, but they ... [more ]
The Stress Factory Comedy Club 5.0 stars
Club in New Brunswick
Stress Factory Comedy Club is a decent-sized comedy club in New Brunswick. It’s nestled into downtown New Brunswick off Church Street. It’s only a handful of blocks from the train station and convenient to the bars and restaurants of George ... [more ]
Tao 5.0 stars
Club in Las Vegas
If you are visiting Las Vegas, you are young and in the mood to have late night fun and be impressed, you definitely can not miss Club Tao, inside The Venetian. The long lines, the entrance lists and the waiting do test your patience but once you ... [more ]
Rumba Revolution 5.0 stars
Club in Little Rock
Locals know about "the red building at 300 Clinton" that has been an amazing host to many, many clubs throughout its standing history, which is now the prime location of the Rumba Revolution, a Mexi-Cuban Restaurant. The inside design and ... [more ]
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