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Bundesland Bremen Attractions

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Bremer Rathaus 5.0 stars
We drove to Bremen in winter, and the Christmas trees were every where. North part of Germany is completely different from west part or south part. In the west, especially in Aachen, they used a lot of materials from Rome when they built the Dom ... [more ]
Becks Brewery Tour 4.0 stars
Bremen’s most famous export and one of the few German beers that have an International reputation. So, finding ourselves in Bremen with a spare afternoon, it seemed impolite not to make a visit. The tour is quite interesting (the ... [more ]
Kunsthalle Bremen 4.0 stars
In the summer of 2001, the museum made world headlines with the stunning announcement that a treasure trove ofart, which had hung here for a century until its disappearance in 1945, had been returned. The story behind the theft and the return is ... [more ]
Zoo am Meer 5.0 stars
Zoo am Meer is a unique attraction that the city of Bremerhaven has to offer. It is a Zoo, specialized in marine and polar species, like seals and white bears. There are also penguins, all sorts of sea birds and a nice aquarium. I was born and ... [more ]
Bremen Lichtbringer 4.0 stars
The first time when I looked at the facade art, I was totally amazed by the size and the look, but I didn’t that the light carrier on the wall plays a very important role in Boettcherstrasse. I was even joking to Nicolas about the naked lady on ... [more ]
Fallturm Bremen 4.0 stars
When I was in Bremen, I spent most of my time in the University of Bremen, specifically near the drop tower. This kind of facilities generate microgravity for a few seconds – a state of free fall that offers space-like conditions, providing thus ... [more ]
Bremer Roland 4.0 stars
Roland was a city protector in Bremen, and as a remembrance the people from Bremen built a statue for him in 1404 and I heard this version from our Bremer friend. It is not small, but about 5 meter height facing to the Cathedral. It is a symbol ... [more ]
Focke-Museum 3.0 stars
This is probably one of the best regional museums in Germany, and was very user-friendly in the way the various exhibitions were displayed. Bremen had its glory days as a maritime power in the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance period, so ... [more ]
Little Town in Boettcherstrasse 5.0 stars
Long time ago when the Bremer lived in this little town, they didn’t really need such big alleys. This is how the little town started in Boettcherstrasse. For decades even century the Bremer (people from Bremen) never changed the size of the ... [more ]
Pigs and herder statue 5.0 stars
If you go to Bremen, you should visit all the animals in the town including the pigs and the herder (their master). The Pig and the herder statues are the only statues which are located in the city center. Every tourist must take pictures with ... [more ]
German Emigration Center 4.0 stars
Once a year my former University organized a trip to this museum, so I have been there several times. It is a very interesting museum, which made me learn a lot of things - we all knew about the immigration throughout the world in the 18th and ... [more ]
Theater am Goetheplatz 4.0 stars
This Roman column in white style building was built in 1912-1913. You can enjoy opera, operetta, musical theater, drama, jazz, readings and so on. It is called Theater am Goetheplatz because of the location, it is on Goetherstrasse. Even though ... [more ]
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