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Canada - Travel Infos


Canada, due to its size, offers multiple different climate zones.  In general, Canada has hot summers with temperatures of up to 35° C (95° F).  In winter on the other hand, temperatures can drop to -35° C (-31° F) and extreme cold can be expected.  In the Provinces of Québec and Ontario the seasons are most distinct.  In these regions, winters are very cold, spring and fall are comfortable.  The West Coast of Canada has a comfortable maritime climate.

The best travel time for Canada is April through October.


The currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar (can $) = 100 Cents (c).  Its nickname is “Loony”, because the coinage features a “loon”, which is a sea bird.

Time zones

The time difference to the Central European Time zone (CET) is (East to West) – 4.5 to 9 hours.  From the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October, the clocks are set forward one hour (except in Saskatchewan). 


Primarily in the South East of British Columbia the risk of contracting Lyme disease prevails from April to October, due to the activity of ticks living in grasses, bushes, and in the lower shrubbery.  Best prevention is the consequent protection from insects with long sleeved clothing and insect repellent.

Hepatitis B occurs throughout the country.  For longer stays and if close contact to the local residents is expected, a vaccination is recommended. This also applies for children and young adults traveling. 

At this time, there is a recommendation to vaccinate children and young adults against Meningitis.

Rabies occurs throughout the country.  Contamination takes place via dogs, cats, forest animals, and bats.  For back packing tourists, children, persons at risk due to their profession, and if a longer stay is anticipated, a vaccination is recommended.  In case of a bite wound, medical help should be sought as soon as possible. 


The longest interstate in Canada is the 8000 km’s long Trans-Canadian Highway.  It reaches from the West (Vancouver/British Columbia) to the East (St. Johns/Newfoundland).  Every region possesses an extensive bus network; the largest bus company is the Greyhound Bus Company with a network in North America reaching a total of 190,000 km’s in length.  Ontario prohibits winter tires; however, they are permitted in the Northwest Territories and in Yukon all year around and during the winter in other Provinces.

In many Provinces, daytime driving lights must be used.  With the exception of a few regions of Quebec, turning right on a red light is permitted.  Speed limits:  within city limits 50km/h; on highways, express ways, thruways, and freeways:  100 km/h; on secondary highways:  80 km/h. 

General Information

Smoking in Canada is prohibited in all public buildings, public transportation, and shopping centers.  Additionally there is a smoke ban in some cities within restaurants, bars, and similar establishments.  Alcoholic beverages may be served exclusively within a licensed bar or restaurant only.  Drinking of alcohol in public is prohibited in Canada.  Alcoholic beverages may be purchased only in special stores and restaurants with the sign “Licensed Premises”.  Many restaurants however permit their customers to “BYOB” (bring your own bottle).


Leaving passports, airline tickets, and valuables in a car is not recommended, since primarily during travel season car thefts and break-ins occur.  This holds true for guarded rest areas as well.

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