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Travel Guide Canada

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Canada - Travel Guide

When thinking of Canada, huge forests and wide open spaces with untouched nature come to mind. 

Canada also offers a huge selection of sights, from large cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto to southern, remote Inuit (Eskimo) villages on the bank of the Hudson Bay.

The high-contrast coastlines of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans along with the many lakes and rivers laying inland offer excellent fishing grounds and water sport possibilities. 

Canada’s nature is best experienced with a tour of its National Parks.  The Banff National Park is Canada’s most visited and popular park.  In the Highland Regions of the Canadian Rockies, with luck and patience, Grizzlies, Black Bears, Wolfs, and Coyotes can be observed.  Jasper National Park offers high mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, and lakes in a spectacular natural adventure.  A special natural spectacle is seen in the Virginia Falls with their 100 meter drop.  Wood Buffalo is a preservation park for the endangered wild Bison.  More than 6000 of these rare animals live here.  Newfoundland with its National Parks Terro Nova and Gros Morne offers these two jewels of nature with their deep fjords to visitors.  Mountain lions, moose, bears, beavers, and otter are at home here.  Just off the coast, there are whales.  Gros Morne is known for its old stone formations.  One of the largest tidal ranges in the world can be watched at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick.  The tidal range here is 15 meters.  Pacific Rim National Park is a narrow, long-stretched nature preserve on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island.  While taking a walk, visitors can observe sea lions, seals, orcas, and dolphins.  Whale watching tours can be booked at their starting points in Ucuelet and Tofino.

One of the most popular destinations in the Province of Ontario is the Niagara Falls, where the Niagara River drops 52 meters into the deep. The West Edmonton Mall can be found in Edmonton.  It is the largest shopping mile in the world.

Toronto is the multicultural capital of the Province Ontario and is a city of superlatives.  The state of the art sky scrapers are the largest in Canada and the 553 meter high CN-Tower is the tallest free standing tower in the world.  Aside from ultra-modern buildings, the city offers magnificently restored gables and spires along with fascinatingly exotic city districts.  Toronto is considered the greenest city in the world; its 200 parks invite visitors to talk a walk and relax within the city. 

The Province of Quebec is a blend between American Way of Life and French Savoir Vivre.  83 percent of all residents speak French as their native language.  Quebec has something to offer to all visitors:  historic sights, picturesque fishing villages, and attractive travel destinations.

The political capital Quebec, with its authentic city wall and its narrow alleys, appears as a European city.  UNESCO inducted Québec into its list of “Treasures of the World”.  The symbol of the city is the Chateau Trontenac, lays majestically over the city.  Montreal, after Paris the second largest French speaking city in the world, with its colorfully versatile mixture of residents, shows a multicultural diversity along with an open hearted hospitality.  Despite the city’s large size, it is easily overviewed and traveled.  Many sights are reached comfortably on foot.  An extraordinary sight to behold is the Indian Summer in the forests of the hills in the National Park La Maurice.

British Columbia is the most western Province in Canada.  It offers fjord like coastlines, prairies, high plains, jagged mountain ranges, and, on Vancouver Island, mild rain forest.  The Church of St. John the Divine in Yale (built in 1863) is the oldest church in British Columbia and well worth a visit, as well as the Whistler, the best known recreation area of British Columbia and at the same time one of the best skiing areas in North America.

For Nature and Water enthusiasts, Vancouver Island is exactly right.  Along the West Coast of the island, the Pacific Rim National Park, fantastic hiking trails can be walked for days without ever seeing another person.  The city of Vancouver is breathtakingly bedded into the scenery of the coastal mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other.  Canada’s third largest city offers boundless opportunities and pacific flair, along with good sport and recreational possibilities.  Vancouver will also host the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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