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Canada Clubs

4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

The Railway Club 4.0 stars
Club in Vancouver
The Railway Club in downtown Vancouver is an old school bar that still keeps itself interesting. If you like live music some of the bands they get in alone could be worth the trip. The Railway club is an intimate space which is great for enjoying ... [more ]
The Cactus Club 4.0 stars
Club in Vancouver
The Cactus Club was an offshoot of the Restaurant Earls which now may be the more successful brand. The Cactus Club seems to cater to a slightly different clientele so it may really be comparing apples to oranges. I find that they have a well ... [more ]
LaBoom 5.0 stars
Club in Montréal
LaBoom is to nightclub what a double Big Mac is to burger. It's the art of concept pulled to the extreme. The sneering contempt for settling - "Why decide on a theme?" the club architects might have said - "lets just do a bunch of them, and ... [more ]
The Caprice Nightclub 4.0 stars
Club in Vancouver
The Caprice Nightclub – not to be confused with their lounge – is a great place to get out for some dancing. The last time I was there was the first time I was there too, which turned out to be a pretty good night. The Caprice Nightclub is a ... [more ]
Cellar Jazz Club 4.0 stars
Club in Vancouver
The Cellar Jazz Club in Vancouver has long been a favorite of mine for an evening out. Some of the music they get in is totally out of this world and intoxicating in itself. They have a comprehensive menu with a good selection of tapas – I like ... [more ]
Garfinkels 3.0 stars
Club in Whistler
Garfinkels in Whistler is one of many places to go out while you’re up in the village and for some reason I usually end up going there. As far as night clubs go it is pretty typical, although, that said it has been in the Village as long as I can ... [more ]
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