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Rosy Glow: A Chocolate Addict's Paradise 5 stars
I was staked out in front of Rosy Glow Chocolate, feeling a bit like a criminal and trying to be as inconspicuous as it is possible to be when your campervan is covered with peace signs and love hearts. I had my eyes on the pristine white door to a small Victorian house painted candy floss pink and surrounded by flowers and fruit trees blossoming in the rich sunlight of Golden Bay. The sleepy little town of Collingwood had yet to stir, but I had leapt out of bed that morning on a mission for a chocolate fix that the guidebook promised Rosy Glow would deliver beyond my wildest dreams. My sugar jones must have blurred my vision, however, since I pulled up a good 20 minutes before the shop was due to open.

No matter. An older couple who evoked fond memories of my grandparents offered a glance and a wave as they went about the business of setting up for business. I tried to play it cool, only venturing down the lane to the one-room chocolate boutique at 10:05. But once inside, there was no disguising my awe and delight. I managed not to drool on the glass panes of the display cases, but I let loose with “oooh” after “aaah” as Rosy herself pointed out the various liqueur (apricot brandy, orange, cherry, Irish whiskey and more) and non-liqueur (smooth caramel, rough coconut, peppermint and on and on) selections.

Rosy and her husband lived all over the world plying their trades as chef and jewellery designer, respectively, before settling in Collingwood. Getting to know her and her chocolates is an experience on par with tasting the chocolate themselves – unforgettable and leaving a lingering glow that will colour your mood for days. Rosy was more than happy to answer all my eager questions about how the chocolate is made, describing their old-fashioned method of baking the fillings and then hand-dipping them for the finished product. She went into detail, pointing out the fruit trees outside the door that provide lemon and lime flavourings, and describing how liqueurs are added at the last possible moment to give the freshest taste.

Giving myself a strict budget was the only way to hold myself back; otherwise, I would have bought up as much of Rosy’s stock as my Toyota Hiace could carry. I left $17.50 poorer, but with five incredible chocolate treats and another delightful encounter with Kiwi hospitality and self-sufficiency having enriched my tour around New Zealand by far greater value. My only regret? That the chocolates were so incredible they didn’t last more than a day.

Rosy Glow Chocolate
Beach Road
Golden Bay
03 524 8348
no website


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