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Cork Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Blarney Castle

As cork city‘s most famous tourist attraction this twelfth century medieval castle is still in pretty good condition as a castle but is more famous for the slab of rock it contains called the Blarney stone. People who take the plunge and bend over backwards over a scheer gap are said to be rewarded with the gift of the gab. Put off the feat myself by stories of my father‘s mates sneaking in there at nighttime during the seventies and pissing on it (haha), no shortage of tourists queue up to pay for the privilege of kissing the grey lump of rock.

The surrounding gardens are beautiful and probably of more interest than the castle itself [more ]

Go Wild at Foto Island Wildlife Park

With an entry fee of Euro 13.50 for adults and 9 for children, Foto Island... [more ]

The Hi-B

No matter how many interesting places had you managed to see in Cork there’s... [more ]

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2. English Market 4.0 stars
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