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Aachen Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Aachen

Döner Station 4.0 stars
Turkish - #21 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
Sometimes when you are very hungry and you can’t wait for your food any more or you just don’t want to sit down. Döner Station is a small vendor close to main bus station and very convenient to get some food. Döner Station, it is very obvious, ... [more ]
Knossos 4.0 stars
Greek - #22 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
Knossos is one of the famous bars amongst the students in Aachen, especially RWTH students. There is always a reason to celebrate! Located at 28 Templergraben, Aachen makes it very easy to reach. Knossos sounds very Greek, so of course they also ... [more ]
Ruza Restaurant 4.0 stars
Polish - #23 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
My friend and I never planned to go to Ruza, for it is too expensive for us. Ruza (there is an upside down circumflex on the top of the “z”) means roses in Polish. We decided to get something to drink at Ruza, because it was freezing outside. The ... [more ]
Alpha Grill 4.0 stars
Greek - #24 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
I’ve been to Alpha Grill more than 20 times and never get bored with the food there. Alpha Grill is a very small Greek Bistro, with German, Greek and Italian food. Besides Greek food, Alpha Grill also provides great Greek red wine. If you want ... [more ]
Miss Saigon 4.0 stars
Asian - #25 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
Since I am a big food taster, I have to try this restaurant. Miss Saigon is one of the old Asian restaurants in Aachen city. The reason I went there because my Chinese friend recommended me to try the Peking soup (sweet sour soup). The special ... [more ]
Feuerdrachen 4.0 stars
Vietnamese - #26 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
My ex boss always complains about this restaurant, but the funniest thing is, she goes there almost every day for lunch. Feuerdrachen means fire dragon, a small fast food restaurant located at 41 Bismarckstrasse , Aachen. If you don’t know where ... [more ]
Mangal Restaurant 4.0 stars
Turkish - #27 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
The rumor says that Mangal Restaurant has the best Iskandar (Iskander) Kebab in Aachen. Without thinking how far it was, Nicolas and I walked more than 3 blocks just to try it. We even asked some people where it was exactly. I have to admit that ... [more ]
Kartoffelhaus 4.0 stars
German - #28 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
Kartoffel means potato in German. It is an open-air restaurant that is in town a couple times a year. Christmas time is the best time to enjoy specialties from Kartoffelhaus. Last Christmas, they offered hot currywurst (very hot curry sausages). ... [more ]
Peking Town 4.0 stars
Chinese - #29 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
When you ask the students in Aachen which Chinese restaurants they like to go, they’d answer you Peking Town. Peking Town is a very small Chinese restaurant and always be full with the customers at midday. Maybe the students have a break at that ... [more ]
Trento Restaurant 4.0 stars
Italian - #30 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
I passed by Trento Restaurant a couple times, but I was always not hungry, until one day after I came back from the hospital. I was craving for spaghetti Bolognese. I ordered a package meal of spaghetti Bolognese with coca cola. It cost only 6,50 ... [more ]
Pasta die Nudelnmanufaktur 4.0 stars
Italian - #31 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
The restaurant is called Pasta (Pasta Nudelnmanufakture). After having heard so many times from my friend, I finally decided to give it a try last month. Pasta only serves you FRESH noodles. They make the noodles by themselves in limited amount ... [more ]
Side Kebap 3.0 stars
Turkish - #32 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
After having clubbed for hours, I was very hungry. There were a lot of restaurants available, but I saw a whole bunches of people went to Side Kebap (pronounce: See-duh Kebap). Then I decided to give it a try. I didn’t regret it. Side Kebap is ... [more ]
Saray Restaurant 2.0 stars
International - #33 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
Dining out is a common thing when you are not in the mood to cook and plus it is always easier to get food in a city. Two weeks ago, my target was Saray Restaurant. I didn’t know why I was very into hamburger, so I got a hamburger. Nicolas got a ... [more ]
Bambi 2.0 stars
Oriental - #34 of 34 Restaurants in Aachen
I ate only once at Bambi Grill and never go back there anymore. An Iranian family owns Bambi Grill and they offer Middle-East food. I tried the Doner once, and it was not very delicious. The meat was really dry and there was no taste. Although it ... [more ]
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