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Dalian Attractions

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Polar Aquarium 5.0 stars
Marine Park - #1 of 16
A trip to polar region shall be an unimaginable and unforgettable experience, visitors here can find themselves in a snow world anytime of the year. The aquarium features animals both animals both from the south polar and the north polar ... [more ]
Dalian Bird Forest Park 5.0 stars
Park - #2 of 16
Dalian Bird Forest Park is the largest semi-natural cage in China. The park was built as a large cage, with a high pillar setting in the centre of the park for supporting the large net and other fixing points scattering to support. The park was ... [more ]
Dalian Forest Zoo 5.0 stars
Zoo, Aquarium - #3 of 16
Dalian Forest Zoo, boasting thousands of animals and plants, composes a rhythm of life and green. There you can also visit animals at large (free-breeding area ) instead of prisoners in cage, if you like, you can buy food for feeding. Besides ... [more ]
Dalian Botanical Garden 5.0 stars
Park - #4 of 16
Dalian Botanical Garden is a park boasting wide variety of plants, foliage and flora. There you can find large green coverage with fragrance of wide array of flowers. In Spring, the lilac fragrance teemed with garden, the best time to visit ... [more ]
Shengya Aquarium 5.0 stars
Zoo, Aquarium - #5 of 16
Located at the most popular seaside park (Xinghai Park), Shengya Aquarium is one of the major sightseeing places in Dalian. Known also as the Shengya Sea World, this aquarium is a world class aquarium boasting hi-tech facilities and second ... [more ]
binhailu 5.0 stars
Beach - #6 of 16
Binhai Road (or Coastal Road) is the most beautiful and romantic road in Dalian. Built along the coastal line of Dalian, Binhai Road features the best close-to-sea- sceneries and natural views. The road started from Haizhiyun to Heishijiao, but ... [more ]
Golden pebble beach 5.0 stars
Beach - #7 of 16
Golden Pebble Beach (Jinshitan) is renowned for its honor as a "City Garden", boasting great sea view and lush plants nearby. Called as Back Garden of Dalian, the Golden Pebble Beach surprised visitors with its spectacular sea view. The Resort ... [more ]
xinghai square 5.0 stars
Square - #8 of 16
Xinghai Square was a beautiful square built near the sea, it is also the largest square in Asia (two times of Tiananmen Square). The spacious square offers you a very broad view and large lawn make you feel very relaxed. There are many things ... [more ]
Dalian Modern Museum 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #9 of 16
Dalian Modern Museum is the place where you can look through swiftly Dalian’s development just in one day. Equipped with video and audio displays and showcase of pictures and objects, Dalian Modern Museum is a great place to get familiar with its ... [more ]
Tiger Beach 4.0 stars
Beach - #10 of 16
Tiger Beach : It's a popular national tourist spot situated in south of Dalian. Tiger Beach is actually a large square, featuring a large stone sculpture of a group of tigers. The name of Tiger Beach comes from a beautiful legend, yet the actual ... [more ]
Lushun Russo-Japanese Prison 4.0 stars
Building - #11 of 16
This is a must see sightseeing in Lushun. Lushun is known as a famous historical city, and this prison tops No 1 for historical visit. The prison was built by Tsarist Russia and later was extended by Japan. It houses many wards, gallows rooms and ... [more ]
Baiyu Tower 4.0 stars
Mountain - #12 of 16
On top of Baiyun Hill, there stands the white tower -- Baiyu Tower. Originally the tower was built after the Russo-Japanese War by the Japanese to commemorate their 20, 000 war causalities and is also called Biaozhong Tower (Showing fidelity to ... [more ]
Japanese Street 4.0 stars
Building - #13 of 16
Dalian Japanese street is a unique street with strong Japanese style. Dalian was once the colony of Japan and you can find many Japanese buildings still in Dalian. Japanese Street is flanked by Japanese styled houses, nice and relaxing. The ... [more ]
Mausoleum of Ten Thousand Martyrs 4.0 stars
Cemetery - #14 of 16
Mausoleum of Ten Thousand Martyrs is a famous historical site in Lushun, built in honor of those killed in during the Sino-Japanese War. When the war burst out, the Japanese conquered the city and began to slaughter the local for several days. ... [more ]
Dongjiguanshan 4.0 stars
Mountain - #15 of 16
Dongjiguanshan( or East Crest Hill), a strategic place in geography, was once a key battlefield during the Russia/Japan War and now is a famous historical sightseeing place. There are two sections for visiting, one is for exhibition hall, showing ... [more ]
Russian street 4.0 stars
Building - #16 of 16
Russian street is the first street with 19 and 21 century Russian touch in China. The street showcases the very Russian architecture and sculptures, composing tourism, shopping, dining and entertainment. Its about 500 meters long with a large ... [more ]
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