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Auckland Region Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Day 29 - Game Over

Why do airports make you check in at stupidly early times?? I left my hostel with barely time to pack (actually, I didn't pack at all, and threw most of the stuff I had acumulated at a homeless guy on Queen Street). The shuttle took me through the city as people were just returning home from a night out.
The long flight home (although I often wonder where home actually is these days) gave me a chance to think about what I had seen in the last month. Had I seen everything the country had to offer?
Did I need more time?
Would I be back?
Of course.
Kia Ora. [more ]

Day 28 - Caves

I left the campsite unbelievably early again, partly because I didn't want to... [more ]

Day 4 - On The Road Again

I headed out of the campsite with stomach pains from the previous night's... [more ]

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1. The Sebel Suites Auckland
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Top Rated Attractions

1. Kawakawa
5.0 stars
2. Sky Tower
4.0 stars
3. Waipoua Forest
5.0 stars
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Top Rated Restaurants

1. Denny's Restaurants
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Auckland Region Auckland Skyline Auckland Auckland am Wasser piha1
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