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Hurghada Vacations, Tourism and Travel

4.0 stars

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A walk !!

The last thing you could do in the city if you don’t feel like any of the things I told you about, is to take a walk!! They improved the area between Sakkala and the Korra Road and made it a very interesting walk, the pavements are wide unlike most of the city, you can find two shopping malls along the way, last I checked there was not anything worth seeing there, the police is everywhere along the way ensuring security. You can also find many restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy the view and relax while your kids play around. [more ]


Shopping in Hurghada is also kind of cool, you can find many bazaars with... [more ]

Local food

You can find some very good local Egyptian food in the Downtown area, you got... [more ]

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2. Marriott Hurghada Beach Resort 4.0 stars
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1. Giftun Island 5.0 stars
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Hurghada Hurghada Blaupunktrochen im Roten Meer Das Sonnendeck Fische Wegweiser der Hotelanlage
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