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New Delhi Attractions

4.0 stars
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Red Fort 4.0 stars
Castle, Fortification, Palace - #1 of 19
The first tourist site we visited was the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Once we’d paid and got inside the gate we walked through a dark tunnel of fairy-lit stalls that were full of jewellery, pashminas and general touristy knick-knacks. Stall owners ... [more ]
Connaught Place 4.0 stars
Quarter - #2 of 19
If you have been traveling around Asia for quite a while and you fancy a quick break from rice and noodles, then CONNAUGHT PLACE, in the centre of town, is perfect for a quick western fix. It has the usual KFC and other fast food establishments ... [more ]
Chandni Chowk 4.0 stars
Shopping - #3 of 19
Chandni Chowk is the ideal place to experience the maddening crowds of Delhi. I wouldn’t have gone if the surprisingly efficient Delhi metro system didn’t take me straight to it. I had been advised to try the chaat and parathas and to generally ... [more ]
India Gate 3.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #4 of 19
Next we visited India Gate, a memorial arch built in memory of Indian army soldiers who fought for India's independence. Again, many families surrounded this site to the point of it having an almost carnival atmosphere. An impressive structure in ... [more ]
Bengali Market 2.0 stars
Market Place - #5 of 19
Do you want to fall sick - Eat at Bengali Sweet Shop at Bengali Market, New Delhi-110001. A Few Facts: * Ash is used for cleaning utensils AND it remains thereon. * Water is supplied direct from Tap without any RO, even if present it does not ... [more ]
Lotus Temple 5.0 stars
Religious Site - #6 of 19
As a child I was a religion rebel. I hated going to religious monuments and institutions. Nevertheless, taking advantage of my young age and naivety, my parents dragged me around to all their pilgrimages. My main reason for avoiding them was all ... [more ]
Palika Bazaar 4.0 stars
Shopping - #7 of 19
Palika bazaar is underground in more than one way. Not only is it a large basement shopping arcade, most of the shops also stock brand fakes or smuggled goods. I came upon Palika in my search for a punk rock band T-shirt that somebody said I ... [more ]
Humayun´s Tomb 4.0 stars
Religious Site - #8 of 19
Listed as one of the finest historical sites in Delhi, Humayun's Tomb was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal. It is nowhere near as populated by tourists and it covers an impressive large site, so it's ealy to mooch away an afternoon looking at ... [more ]
National Gallery of Modern Art 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #9 of 19
If you’re not a big art critic, just a silent observer, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi is still worth a visit. If you are an art buff and well versed in the language, it’s possible you’ll recognize some of the names scribbled at the ... [more ]
National Museum 3.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #10 of 19
Delhi is packed to the brim with museums and cultural institutions, and of all, I decided to re-visit the National Museum because the last time I went there was years ago on a school trip and it seemed to have left good memories. The museum is ... [more ]
Janpath 3.0 stars
Shopping - #11 of 19
A lot of broke college shopping was done on Janpath. There are shops all along Janpath street, but the masses usually descend on the noisy, crowded market square. There are tons of stalls with clothes, shoes, accessories and random other stuff. ... [more ]
2010 Commonwealth Games 5.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #12 of 19
New Delhi, rather India in general, is not always considered a hot spot when it comes to sporting events. But for the first time in 2010, New Delhi is the host of the Commonwealth Games, the second biggest sporting event after the Olympics. Most ... [more ]
Ogaan 5.0 stars
Shopping - #13 of 19
Similar to Kimaya, Ogaan features a wide range of designer clothing to marvel at. The luxurious fabrics and bold prints will keep you coming back for more and more... You can find a lot of variety when it comes to designer ethnic wear and western ... [more ]
Luxury Brands in Delhi 5.0 stars
Shopping - #14 of 19
New Delhi seems to be a relatively new haute spot for global high-end designers to open up their flagship stores. Due to the highly concentrated and relatively small audience, the stores are generally in 5-star hotels. As the economy of India ... [more ]
The NEXT Shop 5.0 stars
Shopping - #15 of 19
Decor tourism is a new phenomenon rapidly emerging in the capital city. Interior designers from all over the world are looking to India as the new hub of home furnishings in terms of quality, style, and variety. The NEXT Shop is one of the stores ... [more ]
Appartment 9 5.0 stars
Shopping - #16 of 19
India Habitat Centre 4.0 stars
Building - #17 of 19
I was quite impressed by the India Habitat Centre and its obviously international standards. It’s huge and besides being a centre for various institutions and NGOs, there is also always a lot of cultural activity going on there from photo and art ... [more ]
Khan Market 4.0 stars
Market Place - #18 of 19
Khan Market is a delightful little space with everything from books to saris. Two of the best bookshops in Delhi, Full Circle and Bahri Sons, can be found here. Full Circle has a café on the third floor as well, and also a separate art section ... [more ]
Delhi Airport Taxi 2.0 stars
Airport - #19 of 19
Arriving in Delhi for the first time can be a little daunting, especially if you are on your own. In fairness it wasn't half as scary as I'd been led to believe but it is still busy and bustling and it can take you a minute to catch you breath. ... [more ]
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