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Travel Guide China

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China - Travel Guide

China is a world of its own.  Travelers are awaited by giant metropolitan cities, well preserved monuments from times of the imperial dynasties, and impressive caves.

Beijing and the surrounding areas: 

The capital Peking is the figurehead city of the People’s Republic of China.  Its most central district is “the Forbidden City”, previously the residence of the Ming and Ching Emperors; today it has become a park with a museum.  Of the many sights of the city, the Tiananmen Plaza, the Plaza of Heavenly Peace which is the largest public plaza in the world, and the Ming Tombs where 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty are buried, stand out.  The Great Wall of China, one of the Wonders of the World, is nearby.  The impressive structure which is 5400 km long and 2600 year old monument can easily be visited from Peking. 

The Eight Outlying Temples are prime examples of the architectural styles of the different tribes.  The over 22 meter high statue of Buddha in the Temple of General Peace is considered the largest wooden sculpture in the world. 

The cave of the Beijing People in the village of Zhoukoudian displays the remains of a pre-historic culture, which made use of fire and stone tools as early as 690,000 B.C.

Chengdu is a mountain resort which was already popular during the time of the Qing Emperors.  It offers numerous temples and parks to travelers. Also worth seeing are the ruins of the summer palace of the Qing Emperors. 

The North

Lanzhou is an oasis on the old Silk Route. The picturesque town has largely preserved its charm and offers boat tours along the Yellow River to the Buddhist Bilingisi caves. 

Dunhuang is a 2000 year old city on the edge of the desert. In times past, it was an important caravan stop along the Silk Route.  The oldest Buddhist shrines of China are located in the Magao Caves. The antique, hand-cared wooden shrines are a National Treasure and mirror a thousand years of Buddhism (4th -14th century).


 Tibet, “the roof of the world” has been developed for visitors since 1980.  Lhasa, the “city of the sun” lays at an elevation of 3700 meters and was the residence of 32 Tibetan kings. The isolated location of Tibet, the extraordinary, traditional lifestyle, and the religious customs are the main attraction of the country. Its most famous attraction is the Potala, the former palace of the Dalai Lama.

Central China 

In Chengdu, the capital of the Szechuan Province, travelers can visit the altars of the Tang-Dynasty, old parks and bamboo forests, Buddhist temples, and an age-old Buddhist monastery.  Chengdu is also starting point for tours to Emei Shan and to the holy mountains of Gongga and Siguniang.

Aside from Beijing, Xi is the biggest attraction in China. It was capital of 11 dynasties. The most famous attraction is the Qin-Shi-Huangdi-Tomb with its terracotta army of over 6000 life size terracotta soldiers with their horses.  They were buried with Emperor Qin, who united China. Additionally, there are numerous tomb stones, bell towers, pagodas, pavilions, and museums to visit. 

Near the city of Luoyang, travelers can see the Longmen-Caves, or Dragon Caves.  These are a network of over 1300 caves with over 2100 grottos and stone-nooks, several pagodas, countless inscriptions, approximately 100,000 Buddha statues, and a Buddha Shrine dating back to the 5th century.

The East 

Nanjing, another former Chinese capital, lays in beautiful scenery on the edge of the river Yangtze. Among its largest attractions is the tomb of the Ming Emperor, the founder of the Ming Dynasty. The mausoleum of Chinas first President, Dr. Sun Yatsen, is also located here.

Of the five holy, Taoist mountains of China, Mount Taishan enjoys the most adoration.  An astounding number of bridges, trees, towers, statues, inscribed steles, caves, pavilions, and temples distract visitors from their aching calves during the climb to the top. 

Nearby located is the city Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius (551-479 B.C.). Heart of the large Confucius Temple is the Dachen Hall with its yellow shingled roof. The residence of the Kong family dates back to the 16th century and tells the story of the power and influence of the descendants of Confucius: the Kong family.

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world and counts as Chinas leading industrial, trade, and shopping center. It offers an interesting historic downtown, a busy harbor district, beautiful gardens and parks, museums, palaces, pagodas, and temples to admire. Shanghai also has become a playground to modern architecture and is most worthy of a visit. 

The South

The enchanting scenery of Guilin has been pictured on countless paintings and tapestries: steep, mountainous cliffs rise majestically from the plains. Around them snake little streams between rice fields. 

The 35,000 km² large tropical island of Hainan is located in the South Chinese Sea and is praised as the “Hawaii of Tomorrow”. In the international Finance Shopping Center, visitors feel like in any other large city. Here, the latest fashions and accessories are available. The city of Sanya, on the island’s southern tip, has become a well known vacation resort. It features fantastic beaches, palm trees, and crystal clear waters.

The dynamic of Hong Kong makes each visit an unforgettable event. From Victoria Peak, visitors can look over the busiest international port in the world, and let their view graze over a city that not only makes no secret of its riches, but also shouts its happiness about the success of making money into the world.

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