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China Attractions

4.0 stars
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Beijing Olympics 3.0 stars
One day while dining at a café in Haidian district, we chatted up the friendly waiter who told us that he was really happy to have the job, so that he wouldn’t have to go home for the summer and could be in Beijing for the Olympics instead. He ... [more ]
Forbidden City 5.0 stars
Forbidden City, a must see sightseeing place when travel to Beijing, never failed to tickle visitors’ fancy for Chinese great imperial palace and ancient culture. Located at the very centre of Beijing, Forbidden City is the largest and best ... [more ]
Beihai Park 4.0 stars
In Beihei-park you may find an socalled island which is really beautiful. Around there you'll lots of typical chinese architecture, which is only present in old chinese areas, which are not open to the new influence of modern architecture. You ... [more ]
Oriental Pearl TV Tower 4.0 stars
Regarded as the landmark and symbolic building of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower boasts amazing height and great view. Locating between Yangpu and Nanpu Bridge, the Oriental Pearl Town, like its name indicates, just resemble a pearl playing ... [more ]
The Great Wall of China 3.0 stars
There is such a thing as being over-adventurous. When I was passing through Beijing for a couple of days, not only did I live in a hutong (ancient community housing), I also decided to be the intrepid traveler and visit an obscure part of The ... [more ]
Wangfujing Market 4.0 stars
Despite my previous post, I went back to Wangfujing the other week to show some friends around who had never been there, and we all ended up looking for a good foreign language book store to snag some new reading material. Wangfujing is home to ... [more ]
West Lake (Xi Hu) 4.0 stars
It is said that every Chinese citizen wants to visit West Lake in their lifetime. I can easily see why as it is stunningly beautiful even on a a misty and cold day. All life is here with locals doing their Tai Chi as the sun rises and ... [more ]
Yu-Gardens 4.0 stars
Don't waste your money to go into the actual gardens at Yu-Gardens. They are not the best Chinese gardens and you will see much nicer examples in Suxhou or in other parts of China. Yu-gardens is mainly just a nice hectic place to be in and ... [more ]
lama temple 4.0 stars
Yonghegong Lamasery is the biggest and finest lama temple in Beijing. It is a temple of Tibetan Buddhism, there you can find Tibetan touch. The lamasery has a succession of compound, teeming with temples in different sizes. You will be amazed ... [more ]
Summer Palace 5.0 stars
This old royal residence outside Beijing is a wonderful place. The huge park is full of lakes, temples, walled gardens and eccentric monuments like the mad marble boat in the lake. The marble boat was built on the order of the Empress Dowager ... [more ]
CCTV Building (new) 4.0 stars
Nicked named as big pants, the new site of CCTV (China Central Television) is undoubtedly the most unconventional and famous building in Beijing and it is also one of the new sightseeing places in Beijing, like Bird Nest. It got even more ... [more ]
798 Art Zone 4.0 stars
If you fancy a different day out in Beijing away from the crowded traditional sights then try the 798 Art Zone. This sprawling site once was responsible for highly secret arms production. Now the old warehouses and factory buildings have been put ... [more ]
Badaling 4.0 stars
If you are staying in Beijing then probably the easiest section of the Great Wall to get to is at Badaling. There is a bus (no 919) that goes straight there and takes about an hour. The wall here is easy to access and is spectacular with ... [more ]
The French Concession 4.0 stars
If you’re staying in Shanghai for any length of time it’s well worth investing in a bike. Initially the roads/traffic/lack of traffic rules DO seem scary – I put off cycling for over a year! – but once you try it you’ll realize it’s more fun than ... [more ]
798 Art District 4.0 stars
"798" in Mandarin sounds like "go to a bar", so everytime I told someone that I had gone to 798 over the weekend, they thought I'd just enjoyed two days of drunken goodness. In reality, 798 is a site full of abandoned warehouses that have been ... [more ]
Qinghefang 4.0 stars
Qinghefang Old Street is famous in Huangzhou. It is bursting with old shops selling antiques, tea, souvenirs, gingseng and lots more besides. It is a fascinating place to spend a few hours wandering around. Perhaps it's best known attraction is ... [more ]
Planet Laser Tag 4.0 stars
i have been there and it was awesome go there if u want to have some fun. if u dont no hwo to play they will teach. expensive but worth it [more ]
Nan Luo Gu Xiang 4.0 stars
As a traveller to Beijing, you may already run out of great sightseeing places, but here is a hidden treasure place I want to recommend, if you are into Chinese cultural stuff. Nan Luo Gu Xiang, a place combining traditional Chinese culture ... [more ]
The Bund 4.0 stars
The Bund is an expansive walk along the river HuangPu, on both sides Pudong and Puxi. Every night, the buildings on either side light up like it’s a neverending celebration. Of what I got to explore on the Puxi side, most were historical ... [more ]
Jing'an Si Market 3.0 stars
I don’t really know why I’m sharing this as it’s one of my favourite (and cheapest) places to shop and I don’t want the prices to go up, but I bought so much fab stuff there this weekend I felt mean not spreading the word! Behind Jing’an ... [more ]
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