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China Bars

4.0 stars

China bar reviews from insiders

Houhai Lake 4.0 stars
Bar in Beijing
Houhai is a newly developed old town of Beijing and named after the Houhai Lake which it encircles. It was once a very quite area, but now is the new hot spot for Beijing's night life. It houses a variety of teahouses, cafes, bars and boutiques ... [more ]
Spot Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Shanghai
I have just moved to Shanghai and found The Spot Bar on my travels. As a bar this is a veue which makes you want to come back again and again. There is a great selection of both food and drink, and the staff care to all your needs. All major ... [more ]
Bakerzin 4.0 stars
Steaks, Café in Shanghai
I just had to write this second review after returning to Bakerzin for a second visit. This time, I opted to stick to the signature desserts that define the café. I would absolutely stay away from the waffle with vanilla ice-cream and strawberry ... [more ]
Bed Bar 5.0 stars
Bar in Beijing
It was a bit tough to find Bed Bar since it is in a tiny historic alley called a hutong in Beijing city. And even in Chinese writing, the cab driver had to get the direction twice from my friend. However once we saw this sweet red lantern a few ... [more ]
Melody 5.0 stars
Chinese, Bar in Beijing
Karaoke is a popular entertainment activity for Chinese, also an inseparable part of Chinese culture, you should pay a visit and give your throat a shot. Go to Karaoke is quite popular among younger Chinese, and if you want to experience this ... [more ]
Wendy's (Homedish) 5.0 stars
Chinese, Café in Shanghai
Nestled in a corner between luxury high-rise condominium and The Rest of Pudong, Wendy’s is a cute little café that serves a variety of Chinese dishes and snacks, and good drinks. Service is actually very slow, which can be a pain (my order of a ... [more ]
Melody 5.0 stars
Chinese, Bar in Beijing
Karaoke is a popular entertainment activity for Chinese, also an inseparable part of Chinese culture, you should pay a visit and give your throat a shot. Go to Karaoke is quite popular among younger Chinese, and if you want to experience this ... [more ]
Kaldi Coffee 5.0 stars
North American, Café in Shanghai
Simply the best coffee I have ever had, anywhere in China. When it comes to coffee in China, I would usually recommend sticking to Starbucks if you can afford it, because locally-made variants are incredibly watery and leave too much to be ... [more ]
La Casbah 5.0 stars
Italian, Café in Shanghai
La Casbah is a close runner-up to Kaldi in terms of local coffee. I used to go often before I discovered Kaldi, but one of Casbah’s clear advantages is that they also have a western hot food menu, and they do pizzas and sandwiches very well. I ... [more ]
San Yuan Mei Yuan 5.0 stars
Chinese, Café in Beijing
A typical Chinese styled cheese dessert eatery. Mainly the cheese are made in the form of yogurt. Offering an extensive types of yogurt, San Yuan Mei Yuan is my perennial dessert store. Here are some standouts, you should not miss: 1. Tofu ... [more ]
Shanghai Brewery 5.0 stars
Nepalese, Bar in Shanghai
I've been living in Hongqiao, Shanghai for several years. So I am really psyched that Shanghai Brewery has opened. It has tasty micro-brews that remind me of the States. I loved the West River Weizen, tasty and fresh. An awesome summer brew, ... [more ]
Fruity Mix 5.0 stars
Chinese, Café in Beijing
Fruity Mix is a famous and popular healthy juice café in Beijing, attracting legions of regulars for its healthy and nutritious diet. Their extensive menu covers a wide spectrum of fresh fruit juice and uniquely designed desserts. The decoration ... [more ]
The Shelter 5.0 stars
Bar in Shanghai
The Shelter is the newest bar in Shanghais underground scene. The bar is set deep down in a bomb shelter. The entrance is spooky - a long, black, dark tunnel. The dance floor goes into two rooms. There are also various sitting rooms to relax and ... [more ]
Zapatas 4.0 stars
Mexican, Bar in Shanghai
Zapatas was once rated the best place to get a date. With everyday Tuesday and Thursday boasting one hour of free beer or bacardi, everynight free tequila poured into your mouth, and a dance floor that is almost always packed, you're sure to meet ... [more ]
Old Film Café 4.0 stars
Asian, Café in Shanghai
If you’re after a taste of 1930’s Shanghai and are in the North East of the city, pay a visit to Old Film Café on Duo Lun Lu. This quaint old house has a shady paved area with tables outside – perfect for warm weather. Oh, and a life-size bronze ... [more ]
Listing Magazines 4.0 stars
Bar in Shanghai
Whether you’re in Shanghai on holiday or a business trip, if you don’t fancy an evening in your hotel bar, do as us locals do and grab yourself a copy of one of the free English language listing magazines. Things happen FAST here and we rely ... [more ]
Bliss Cafe Lounge 4.0 stars
Steaks, Café in Shanghai
I’ll regret sharing this, if this place becomes too popular, but it was too nice not to! Whilst out shopping yesterday, I stumbled across Bliss Café – a charming lounge nestled in an old building on a local, leafy street. Bliss makes stylish use ... [more ]
Halfway House 4.0 stars
Bar in Kunming
Some places are for partying and some places are for relaxing. Halfway house is halfway. Its split level leaves patrons the chance to chill upstairs and chat or rock downstairs and party. Every Wednesday and Friday the open up the stage to local ... [more ]
Speakeasy Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Kunming
Although its a dive Speakeasy has some charm. The owner is English and has been in Kunming long enough to develop a good relationship with the local police. Saying that hes able to hold bigger, louder, better parties than anyone else is. The bar ... [more ]
Gourmet Café 4.0 stars
Café in Shanghai
I admit it, I get fed up of noodles sometimes (not often, but occasionally) and when I do I head to Gourmet Café, a stylish little place owned and run by a friendly Brit called Will. The clean white and orange interior makes a refreshing change ... [more ]
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