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Deyá Vacations, Tourism and Travel

4.0 stars

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Deia, Mallorca

Driving into Deia, we did not know quite what to expect. People think of Mallorca as a brash, bright lights and beer type of place with youths hanging around until all hours drinking. Ignorantly, we thought the same.

It was easy to hire our car from Palma airport and the directions from on the map were clear and simple to follow. On entering Deia, all our fears of vodka slammer nights and wet t-shirt competitions vanished immediately into thin air. On turning the corner in our hire car, Deia appeared round the bend like a vision glowing in a halo of sunshine.

We stumbled upon Deia when studying the map one evening, looking for somewhere tucked away and... [more ]

Hostal Villa Verde, Deia, Mallorca

The place name hints at a youth hostel accommodation. This is nothing of the... [more ]

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1. Cala Deia Beach 4.0 stars
2. Deyá Beach 3.0 stars
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