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Australia and Oceania Restaurants

5.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Australia and Oceania

Bredbo Pancakes & Crepes 3.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Bredbo
Went in to this restaurant very hungry and willing to spend money, however as we walked through the door we were met with a very brisk, rude lady who simply stated "do you have a booking?". When we replied that we didn't, she promptly ushered us ... [more ]
Lowenbrau 2.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Sydney
The Lowenbrau is a great place to go with a sizeable group of mates. The beers are big (but expensive); the food is tasty (but also expensive); but the drinking competitions, the singing, and the classic touristy cultural goodness are all ... [more ]
Bon Ton Cafe and Restaurant 3.0 stars
Australian, Restaurant in Leura
Avoidance is a subject on which the staff at Cafe Bon Ton appear to know very well. The head waiter avoided us like the plague when we arrived using ridiculous hand gestures to wave us to a seat. After five minutes of waiting a very apologetic ... [more ]
Lord of the Fries 4.0 stars
Australian, Restaurant in Melbourne
I was in a rush not too long ago and had a craving for some fast food before getting to my destination, but I was in the mood for something that wasn’t too heavy or too unhealthy. I happened to see Lord of the Fries near Flinders Street Station ... [more ]
Ribs and Rumps 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Manly
There's nothing better after a day at the beach than to sink your teeth into a massive burger at Ribs and Rumps. Ribs and Rumps is the one place where you can get a week's worth of meat in one sitting. Opposite the beach, it's usually pretty ... [more ]
Retro 4.0 stars
Australian, Restaurant in Melbourne
At the top end of Brunswick Street you will find a yellow restaurant called “Retro”. I used to work there for a while and I remember that it was usually very busy in the morning. This local offers a huge variety of breakfast menus served till 6pm ... [more ]
Cafe Mambo 4.0 stars
Australian, Restaurant in Sunshine
Sometimes a place makes a decent first impression, but upon a second visit, one’s less than impressed. Café Mambo still has its good menu and mouthwatering desserts, but my latest plate of pasta with mushrooms and a cream sauce could have been ... [more ]
Sydney Tower Restaurant 4.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Sydney
To be totally honest I wasn't impressed by the food at this restaurant, however it could have just been an unlucky night for me. However, the view is amazing, and short of doing the Bridge Climb, this is one of the best places to see Sydney from. ... [more ]
Café Notturno 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Melbourne
Cafe Notturno is also affectionately known as Notties and it’s another one of the hundreds of Italian Restaurants on Lygon Street. They do all day breakfast and are one of the few places on Lygon Street that does - that’s why I go there! ... [more ]
The Ivanhoe 3.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Manly
The Ivanhoe in Manly definitely draws a unique crowd, and has a slightly more high brow following than the other more laid-back pubs. If you're looking at showing off your latest fashion purchasers from Warringah Mall, or more importantly ... [more ]
Grove Train 2.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Melbourne
I was out with a friend and we had been loooking for a lunch stop for ages so we stopped at The Grove Train on Claredon Street in South Melbourne. I was a bit dubious about the place as I went to The Grove Train in Melbourne Central and it ... [more ]
Una´s Restaurant 4.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Sydney
You have to love Una's - hearty portions, authentic taste, and great fun for all the family. We went there for a family birthday and the staff were really friendly and I have never felt so full in my entire life. Love it, can't wait to go back. [more ]
Bimbos 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Melbourne
“Bimbos” on Brunswick Street is famous thanks to his cheap pizzas. I was going there mostly between Mondays and Thursdays afternoons when all the meals cost 4$! I recommend specially the Caesar pizza served with a cos of salad on top, bacon and ... [more ]
The Veggie Bar 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Melbourne
The Veggie Bar is located in Fitzroy, on Brunswick Street, which is a funky area of Melbourne that is great for vegetarian and Vegan restaurants. Its generally always pretty busy but that doesn't slow down the service at all, in fact the service ... [more ]
Newport Arms 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Sydney
One of the best kept secret drinking holes on the Northern Beaches, in Sydney, is with out a doubt the Newport Arms. As most visitors won’t brave the 40 minute bus ride or drive up the peninsular to Pittwater, the massive outdoor beer garden is a ... [more ]
Boost Juice 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Melbourne
I love anything healthy but sometimes find it hard to find healthy places to go but Boost Juice is all over Melbourne and they have the nicest smoothies, juices, and iced drinks and they are all made from only natural ingredients.  If you need an ... [more ]
Lentil as anything 4.0 stars
Restaurant in Melbourne
For me, ‘’Lentil as Anything’’is definitely the best-kept secret of Melbourne. Tucked away in Brunswick, this part of the town has got its own unique flavour. It’s multi-cultural, reasonably animated, and fairly accessible from the city center. ... [more ]
Patee Thai Restaurant 4.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Melbourne
Patee Thai restaurant is located in Brunswick Street and just sitting in there reminded me of being in Thailand! They have cushions on the floor that you can sit on but you have to take your shoes off, or you can choose to sit at a table, however ... [more ]
Balmoral Boatshed 4.0 stars
Australian, Restaurant in Sydney
There is nothing better than a sunny day and sitting at the Boatshed sipping a coffee. I may be biased because I grew up in the area, and am thorougly conditioned to blocking out the snobby locals, but the view is just to die for. Whether you ... [more ]
Mama's Restaurant 4.0 stars
Mexican, Restaurant in Sydney
I heard that the Italian area of Sydney was located in Leichard about forty minutes on a bus from the centre of Sydney (though I'm sure there must be a quicker way to get there!) I only went to get something to eat for lunch as I love Italian ... [more ]
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