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Australia and Oceania Attractions

5.0 stars
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Aoraki Mt Cook National Park 5.0 stars
Mount Cook has been the crown jewel in the New Zealand mountain chest since people first realised it was the biggest mountain in the country. It is where Sir Edmund Hillary learnt to climb before becoming the first person to scale Everest in 1953 ... [more ]
Hinchinbrook Island 5.0 stars
Soon after this we reach Ramsay Bay, the end of the trip and the destination for day-trippers. The pick-up point is across a boardwalk to the boat jetty, where a small boat collects us and a group of day-trippers. Through the mangroves, we are ... [more ]
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair 4.0 stars
The weather on our last day is horrible. It is pouring down heavily and it is cold. Together with a French girl we are the only people who decided to walk. Although the terrain is easy, this is the hardest day, maybe due to the fact that the walk ... [more ]
Fraser Island 4.0 stars
Everybody who goes to Fraser Island knows about the danger of dingos. You can’t escape the signs that warn you to always store your food well and the circulating stories about dingo attacks. As we are having dinner at out campsite in the dunes, ... [more ]
Uluru / Ayers Rock 4.0 stars
To wlk up, or not to walk up? That is the question... There are signs everywhere asking tourist not to walk up Uluru. Of the 12 people who got off my bus I was the only one that didn't. I am no way trying to take the moral high ground here as ... [more ]
Darling Harbour 4.0 stars
The playground in Darling Harbour covers a large area and I expected that there would be plenty for kids to do there. There was, but not as much as you would think. Most of the space was taken by steep hill-like structures. You’d better hold on ... [more ]
Sydney Opera House 4.0 stars
I don’t remember exactly with whom was my first time I ever went to Sydney Opera House, either with the school friends or with my parents but whichever it was, I just loved it. When it was school trip, with the Aboriginal Studies classmates, we ... [more ]
Kakadu Nationalpark 4.0 stars
One of the highlights of Kakadu National Park is definitely Twin Falls. A winding river leads through the gorge up to the pool at the base of the falls, which is lined by a beautiful sandy beach that can only reached by swimming the last ... [more ]
Daintree 5.0 stars
Daintree National Park is nothing but gorgeous. Explore the long, wide beaches, relax in the shade under a palm tree, and enjoy the warm water. This is Caribbean feeling in Australia’s tropical north. Daintree National Park is home to a large ... [more ]
Ningaloo 5.0 stars
The Cape Range National Park is situated in Western Australia near Exmouth, on the shores of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. If offers secluded camping in the dunes, amazing canyons, white beaches and excellent snorkeling and diving just off the ... [more ]
National Gallery of Victoria 4.0 stars
The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is quite large. Visitors probably need a few hours to cover the NGV International in its entirety. I only had an hour or so and covered a small portion of the museum, but hope to go back one of these days ... [more ]
Monkey Mia 5.0 stars
I can only recommend to go on a Monkey Mia Wildsights Cruise with the catamaran Shotover. I went on a cruise to see dugongs, dolphins, and sea turtles which offered to have a satisfactory amount of wildlife to spot or your money back. As the ... [more ]
The Rocks 4.0 stars
So, this is where it all began…… Before the European settlers gave the city a proper name, the city of Sydney was known simply as the rocks. I am not exactly sure where the name came from, but the stories behind this bicentenary neighbourhood are ... [more ]
Queen Victoria Market 4.0 stars
One of the best spots in Melbourne to experience local lifestyle is to wander through the aisles of Queen Victoria Market. Lined with stalls selling colorful fruits and bright arts and craft, the market has a fun and exciting atmosphere. On ... [more ]
Taronga Zoo 5.0 stars
This is the area where we spent most time in. I just could not get my son to leave. In the farmyard, you could get quite close to the animals and this was the only area of the zoo where you could interact with animals directly (excluding the ... [more ]
Featherdale Wildlife Park 5.0 stars
What do you know about Australia Wildlife? Featherdale Wildlife Park gives you the up close look into the world of animals. It is only 40 minutes from Sydney off the Great Western Highway in Doonside, NSW. The home of over 2,000 animals you will ... [more ]
Paddy's Market 4.0 stars
Paddy’s Markets in downtown Sydney are has everything from clothing, CDs, flowers, jewelry and sunglasses to fruit and fish. Located at Haymarket near Chinatown the markets are interesting for residents and tourists alike. Living in Sydney, I ... [more ]
Cottesloe Beach 4.0 stars
Perth’s Cottesloe Beach is a prime location for swimming or soaking up some sun. The water is amazingly clean and clear. It's a fairly popular place for tourists, but the locals flock there too, The cafes and pubs nearby provide some of the ... [more ]
Blue Mountains 4.0 stars
Our first campground on my trip around the Australian continent was Ingar campground in the Blue Mountains. The free campground is situated right next to a lake, in which you can go for a swim. The lake is probably also the reason for literally ... [more ]
Whitsunday Islands 5.0 stars
There are many providers that offer sailing tours of the Whitsundays and you have to be careful to pick one that suits your needs. Even just within budget-offerings you can get everything from a cheap couple of days on a crammed boat full of ... [more ]
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