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Alexandria Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Alexandria vacation

Ahmad Torky
Dining 4 stars
If you are in Alex and you want to enjoy a terrific meal ask about "Balba' touristic village" the name is a little funny for a restaurant but it is quite big actually, the place has the BEST Egyptian food you can have; Kabab, Kofta, Stuffed vegetables and many other local Egyptian food that you will just love and the prices are very reasonable for the portions of food you will eat, the service is great and fast, feel free to tip the waiter or not, don’t worry they are friendly with everyone. I once complained about a little something and the manager almost kicked the waiter out!!
Try not to go to Alexandria in the summer as it gets so crowded, it is the number one summer destination for middle class Egyptians so it gets quite crazy, if you are going in the winter just make sure you check the weather first, you might not want to go in the middle of a raining storm.
Thank you Alexander for the bride of the Mediterranean.


Ahmad Torky
$hopping 4 stars
If all that isn’t enough, Alexandria now is going into a renewing phase, a lot of shopping malls and dining areas are now present, the most famous ones are San Stefano, which is a luxurious four seasons hotel, a marina and apartments.
It is not a very big mall so don’t expect much but it is breakthrough for Alexandria, City Center Alexandria is definitely better you can find a lot of shops there and a lot of cafes and restaurants and if you are a native Alexandrian there is a mega market there.


Ahmad Torky
The beaches 4 stars
Alexandria being a port enjoys a 15 Km long view on the Mediterranean, the water isn’t very clean because of the ships' waste and because the city basically used to dump its sewers into the sea but they stopped now so the water is ok now, the sea isn’t so calm and you can't really relay on the lifeguards. In the winter the city gets many raining storms, the locals know the timing of these storms and everybody basically just stays home in these times, but to tell you the truth walking in Alexandria while it is raining is one of the most romantic/crazy things you could ever do.
The city has several private beaches with admission tickets but there is particularly one that is most remarkable and outstanding, "El-Montazah Palace", it used to be a royal estate, it has the royal palace and a hotel and endless gardens, you can go there with an admission ticket, there is a beach inside the estate apart from the hotel's beach, you cannot unfortunately go into the Royal palace as it is now a republican palace, There are a lot of restaurants inside so you don’t have to worry about food.
It is the meeting place for the high class Alexandrian people nowadays and a secluded place for those in love.


Ahmad Torky
Alexandria the great 4 stars
Ever since it was built by Alexander the great it has been a constant attraction to people throughout the ages, some go to enjoy the sea, some go to learn and others go to see the ruins of Greco-roman kingdom, no matter what the reason, satisfaction is guaranteed 100%
Alexandria is 200 km to the north of Cairo making it easy to go by a car or a bus and for those who have no time to waste and more important some extra cash Alexandria has an airport just outside the city
I will be reviewing the three major attractions of the city; the sea, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Ruins.


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