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Dresden Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Dresden vacation

Procession of Princes 5 stars
The most beautiful piece of porcelain ever! As we walked through the streets of Dresden we saw a nice painting on a wall and lots of people gathering in front and taking pictures. As we came closer we noticed the detailed drawing in the painting which looks almost real and the best part was finding out it was made from Meissen porcelain 101 meters long! The painting depicts successive generations of Wettin rulers as a mounted procession. I don’t really know much about this man or what he did, but this porcelain is a beautiful piece of art. Infront of the wall there is a small market with cheap and nice souvenirs.


The Neustadt Quarter 4 stars
On the right side of the Elbe is the Neustadt Quarter. It contains buildings with barroque style reconstructed after world war II. There are many shops and beautiful houses in the area. I was in Dresden before I went to Prague and now that I remembe,r it has lots of similarities. They are both beautiful. The Outer Neustadt is on this side of the bridge and has many cultural offers. There are 6 observation tower in the city. Also the Japanese Palace, Königstrasse, the Jewish Cementary are located in the Neustadt Quarter. There is no doubt one must visit this site, make sure you do a good list so the time is enough.


Nachtdigital 5 stars
If you are a fan of electronic music then I would recommend not missing out on nachtdigital. This event is a gathering of a great electronic artists from around the globe for a weekend event. The event is more than just one day long. It actually lasts a whole weekend, providing a never ending days of great electronic music.

One thing I love about these events is the fact that you get to sleep there. If you don’t have a tent, then tents are usually provided, or can be rented from Usually I have just been able to find a cheap tent for about 15 euros in a small shop called Worthworths, which is located within many larger German cities.
What artists are playing there? Well the 2007 lineup has been pretty spectacular with such artists like James Holden and Nathan. Unfortunately the event is divided in two tents making the choice rather difficult, but don’t worry, events usually start at 9 pm and last all the way until 9 in the morning. Pretty much day time turns into nighttime and daytime is used for sleeping.
For a great time and a true look at electronic music in Germany, I would suggest seeing a least one of the great electronic music festivals in Germany.


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