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Mokhotlong Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Around Molumong

The area around Molumong is very scenic and ideal for trekking. There are several villages dotted at the green hills and mountains. The villagers are very curious when you walk through their village. Many rivers formed a nice canonlike landscape. Here and there is also some farmland where people grow wheat and corn. When you´re lucky you can even see some storks. As the terrain is in a high altitude the sky seems to be so close you think you can grab it. There is only one less frequented roud so it´s silent and peaceful. In the background you can hear childreen singing. [more ]

From the Sani Pass to Mokhotlong

If you made up the way on the long winding road to the Sanipass the... [more ]

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Mokhotlong Wintergarten Panorama Landschaft Dorf
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