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Costa Rica Attractions

4.0 stars
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Chirripó 5.0 stars
The hostel on mount Chirripó is located about four kilometers from the actual summit. This means, that you can do the rest of the trip up the mountain without luggage, which is a huge help! The hostel itself is a rugged lodge with dorm beds that ... [more ]
Manuel Antonio 4.0 stars
If you've come to visit the National Park, it's worth staying the night and spending some time in the small community on the edge of the park. There's a nice sandy beach outside the park, which is good for surfing or just relaxing and some good ... [more ]
Playa Grande 4.0 stars
This beach really surprised me, it produces powerful hollow waves in the right conditions and is very consistent. It is a lot better than Tamarindo beach for surfing with peaky A-frame waves breaking at the north end with good rights and lefts. ... [more ]
Playa Hermosa 4.0 stars
This is a huge beach that picks up a lot of swell. It stretches on for several kilometres and waves break down the whole stretch providing numerous peaks for surfing. The best surf when I visited could be found at either end of this huge stretch ... [more ]
The Waterfalls 5.0 stars
The waterfalls at Montezuma are one of the highlights of my time in Costa Rica and definitely the best thing about Montezuma - forget the tales of white sand beaches in Lonely Planet (they are just not there), the expensive canopy tours and the ... [more ]
Playa Zancudo and Golfito 5.0 stars
Between Playa Zancudo and Golfito you have two options to make the trip: by boat or by bus. As almost always in Costa Rica, taking a boat much quicker than going by bus. A small motor boat will take you on the short trip along the Golfo Dulce. ... [more ]
Playa Negra 4.0 stars
Cahuita has two beaches, one south of the smal town's center from which you have access to Cahiuta National Park, and the other one, Playa Negra, at the northern end. "Playa Negra" means black beach, and the sand here, hot underneath your feet, ... [more ]
Playa Mal Pais 4.0 stars
Mal Pais and Santa Terressa make up a huge stretch of beach with various headlands and points. The beach is pretty good at picking up any swell and usually has waves even if they are only small. When I visited the sand banks at Mal Pais were ... [more ]
Playa Jaco 2.0 stars
This town doesn´t seem to have much going for it. I didn´t really enjoy walking round the streets as the place had a washed out feel to it with drugs and prostitution evident. The surf at the beach is usually smaller than neighbouring Playa ... [more ]
Ferry 1.0 stars
I took the last ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, a journey that takes about 2 hours with all the loading and unloading. The last ferry left at 7pm so we didn´t get in to Paquera until 9pm. I wouldn´t recommend getting into this situation - you ... [more ]
Playa Tamarindo 1.0 stars
I found Tamarindo to have pretty poor surf. The main beach is full of beginners and doesn´t have anything like the quality of waves I was looking for. It just came over as a pretty lame beach break. There are some other breaks to the north and ... [more ]
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