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Almería Vacations, Tourism and Travel

3.0 stars

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Almeria really is a lovely town in Andalusia. Not only the town, but the whole area that surrounds it has a lot to offer to tourists. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to visit everything and I really regret not having planned to spend more days in Almeria. There are many castles, very old Arab fortresses that are really worth visiting. Besides that, Almeria has beautiful beaches, wonderful landscapes and very friendly locals. The public transport is pretty efficient and you can easily get to the surrounding towns and villages by bus. My friends and I had a great time there and will surely visit again someday soon. [more ]

Alcazaba fortress

Alcazaba fortress
Myabe the most interesting city highlight of Almeria... [more ]

One Sunday in Almeria

One Sunday whilst living in granada, myself and a friend decided to go to the... [more ]

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1. The Nightsky 5.0 stars
2. cathderal of Almeria 4.0 stars
3. Circuito de Almeria 4.0 stars
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Almería Almería Fort Bravo film set The Gallows at Texas Hollywood Fort Bravo film set
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