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El Jem Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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El Jem

El Jem is worth a visit if you have an interest in Roman history on account of the well-preserved amphitheatre here which is the third largest in the world. It compares well with the Coliseum in Rome in terms of just how much remains and for giving a good feel for how the building was used. Many of the scenes from Ben Hur were shot here!

You can walk through the tunnels which gave spectators access to the arena and part of the underground complex (in which animals and slaves were held) is also preserved and very atmospheric.

You get a good view of the town beside the monument by climbing to the top of the amphitheatre and coach trips to El Jem are offered... [more ]

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1. Coliseum at El Djem 5.0 stars
2. Marketplace Outside El Djem 4.0 stars
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