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Alpbach Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Alpbach vacation , Alps

Sinbad the sailor
Alpbach - small village in charming Tirol 5 stars
Alpbach is a very charming and typical village of the Austrian Tyrol. The local population of cows matches the human population – and you wake up in your room with a great view of the Alps in the mornings. Perfect for hiking and enjoying nature, Alpbach hosts quite often several conferences and meetings in the Summer time – so expect to see a bunch of foreigners full of suitcases and all.
Alpbach is also famous for its cemetery – where Schrödinger's grave is located. He was one of the main developers of quantum mechanics and thus instead of a Christian cross above his grave, there is instead an inscription with the Schrödinger wave equation, that describes the evolution of quantum systems.
Innsbruck is the closest city to Alpbach.


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