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Ensenada Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Ensenada vacation

Ensenada - Better than Tijuana 4 stars
Ensenada is about two hours further south than Tijuana, but it makes all the difference. It's still a pretty touristy place with lots of Americans coming in off cruise ships, but it has more of a local atmosphere to it and certainly isn't as threatening. The coastline around that area is also fantastic, and if you can manage to find somewhere to stay with a view over the ocean then you'll see why I fell in love with it. There isn't much to do, although it's a fairly big town with lots of markets, and in particular a big fish market, but it's a pleasant place to hang around in if you don't feel like doing much. In any case, I think the two hour journey is worth it if you don't have much time to see Mexico and want a more balanced experience than Tijuana


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