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Paraná Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Visa run!

With our visas fast approaching the three month mark, we knew we would need to visit the federal police to ask for a further three months´ extension. This was not something we were looking forward to, as colleagues at the hostel had had problems with a particular woman officer, who was not fond of issuing the extensions. With no onward tickets, and having mislaid out entrance cards (dóh!) we knew we were not in a strong situation. And so it proved to be. We were told we could only have an extension of 30 days, and only then if we returned with an onward ticket. With our parents due to visit in more than 30 days´ time, this was not good news. So, a visa run - to cross the border and get a... [more ]

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1. Iguazu Falls
5.0 stars
2. Pantanal
4.0 stars
3. Santa Felicidade
4.0 stars
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