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Essaouira Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Essaouira is an important harbor in the west of Morocco, not very far from Marrakesh. The town is pretty small, but I liked it a lot. I only spent two days there and I spent most of my time in the actual harbor. It's lovely to see all the fishermen coming from fishing and starting to fix and clean the nets. There are many women selling bread and food, but I avoided to buy any, because they were spreading everything on the ground, which was kind of dirty. I really loved the old city walls and the small castle and the museum was also pretty interesting. It's not as dangerous as Marrakesh, but also not as interesting and beautiful. [more ]

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Compared to the busy city of Marrakesh, Essaouira is a very quiet place. But,... [more ]

Essaouira Museum

Essaouira has a lovely city museum, hosted in a small building. It was built... [more ]

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1. Skala de la Ville 4.0 stars
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